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2324197 - Plateau Report Designer problems


Plateau Report Designer (PRD also called BIRT) is running slow, not starting, not opening any files or throwing random errors.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite
  • SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) - All Supported Versions
  • Any version of Plateau Report Designer (PRD)

Reproducing the Issue

The problem occurs when:

  • The application is executed
  • opening a file
  • editing/previewing a report
  • connecting to the Database
  • using the application


It is very important to identify the root cause for the problem.

For this, you can perform an initial troubleshoot by checking the following points:

  1. The PRD version is correct?
    sometimes the version needs to be updated in order to work with the environment
  2. The file I'm trying to open is correct or not broken?
    A problem while downloading the file or during the saving, or even network issues may affect the integrity of the file
  3. The ambient in where I'm running PRD is overloaded or with low performance?
    Remember that PRD is installed locally and therefore, its performance depends on your system preformance
  4. What is the error message?
    The error message might give you a quick idea on what could be happening
  5. If you encounter the below error


  • install the JDK on your machine and copy the JRE folder to the Plateau Report Designer folder.
  • Then restart your mahcine and launch the tool again.


Depending on the situation, the following are the most common solutions:

  • Slowness: Make sure to have close all applications that might consume your system resources. Check even background applications.
  • If a file is not opening, try with another just for testing. Try at least two different files. Make sure that the file extension is supported. (check the help on the application)
  • If the error message says that either the user or the password are wrong you will have to check if the Admin ID you are using is correct and that the password is correct.
    The user ID MUST be and Admin account existing on LMS (BizX accounts won't work). A simple test is to go to the native login of your LMS instance and try to login using the same user and password.
    Note: DO NOT attempt to access LMS trough BizX, you must test the access using the Native Login, if you don't know it, ask another Admin.
    If you have SSO, this test won't work. Only on this case you will have to contact the Customer Support team to ask if the user you are trying to use is correct.
  • If the error is while connecting to the Database, check the VJDBC URL, it must not contain any spaces or extra characters. Check the Admin ID and passsword.
    Verify you have connectivity and that you are not in the wrong VPN (if relevant) and that you are not behind a proxy or a firewall.
  • If the error message is not related to user/password/database and nothing of the above worked, you should consider to do a clean installation of the application.
    For this, create a backup of your settings and uninstall the program, then proceed to re-install it.
    You must install the latest version of the PRD (unless you specifically need the old version, if you are an on-premise customer or your instance version is old)
    If you don't know how to do this, we strongly recommend to engage your Technical team and ask for help. The Customer Support does not assist on the product installation. 
  • If the error is regarding user/password/database and the previous steps did not work, reach the Customer Support team, providing as much information as possible (error messages, screenshots, actions performed, etc)


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