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2324690 - How to create/update records via a connector where the delimiter is included within a field


This KBA will display how to create or update records via any connector where the delimiter is included within a field. For example, the field delimiter could be a pipe(|) and a pipe (|) which are included in the title of an item:

TESTITEM|ILT|N|Title | with pipe(|) delimiter included within field !##!


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Populate input file with delimiter contained within field as shown above.
  2. Run Connector (which in case above would be the item connector).
  3. Connector Job fails or does not update as expected as pipe contained within the title field is treated as a delimiter.


To make sure the conenctor does not treat your "|" character as a delimiter it is important we set up both the delimiter property and the escape character property in the connector configuration, and then set-up our input file accordingly.

For example, if we wanted to set a pipe (|) as the delimiter and a single quotation mark as the escape character, we would set the two properties up as follows:

Navigate to System Admin > Configuration > System Configuration > Connectors


In this instance our input file would look something like this (where pipe (|) delimits or defines where one field ends/starts and a quotation mark (") encloses the field where the same delimiter character is contained within a particular field):

TESTITEM|ILT|N|"Title | with pipe(|) delimiter included within field"!##!


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