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2324818 - Variable Pay : Set bonus calculation job is failing due to DAO exception


  • You have run set bonus calculations in varible pay, job is failed.
  • In monitor jobs when you see job response you see job has failed due to DAO exception.


Successfactors Variable Pay

Reproducing the Issue

Set Bonus Calculation job is Failing and in Job details we see Below error.

Full exception:com.successfactors.jobscheduler.ScheduledJobExecutionException: java.rmi.RemoteException: Wrapped Exception: Fail to retrieve background in chunk: Fail to get bg items in chunks with start=11001 and end=11500 at com.successfactors.varpay.service.scheduledjob.VarPayCommonJob.errorHandling(

 In logs, we see ERROR:

[GetBgSectionByTypeInChunkImpl] [86742838] [*Company Name* SA,dc5prd_STOCKPM8471.,dbPool3,null,null,en_GB] SQLException caught while calling getBgSectionByTypeInChunk

com.successfactors.db.dao.DAOException: Fail to get bg items in chunks


If employee history's salary value is too big that is larger than 2147483647. That causes DAO exception.



  • In some cases, there would be requirement to store big numbers for salary field, If we map the filed to ifld type this type can stope the value up to 2^31-1=2147483647.
  • If the salary filed value is bigger than 2147483647 this will cause DAO exception
  •  ffld  can store very large number, and for vfld, it can store 4000 bytes.

Note to Support Engineers:

Refer Internal note for Jira reference on details of this issue.


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