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2325621 - What is Mass Data Maintenance and how it works?


Mass Data Maintenance is a tool to modify some of the values of existing data (Master data and Transaction data), and is done via text/csv files.


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Processes Involved:

  • (A) Export Data
  • (B) Change Data
  • (C) Import Data

(A) Export Data:

  1. Go to Mass Data Maintenance work center.
  2. In the Export Data to Local File area, click the link to export desired Migration Object from the solution and select Go.

    The system returns Migration File selected as table.

    By default all the columns are included in the export.

    If you want to skip certain columns, select Skip Export.

    If you want to select only key and technical details select Skip All for Export.

  3.  After selection is completed select Export Data to CSV File.

    Selected data is now downloaded to local machine.

(B) Change Data:

  1. Make the changes required in the csv file downloaded in above step.

(C) Importing Data:

  1. Click the link for the Migration Object you want to upload in the solution in Upload Data from Local File area.
  2. Select the CSV file and upload.
  3. During the upload your data is validated.

    In case of following scenarios:

    Incorrect formatting

    Missing Data

    Unexpected Content

    The Validate Data screen opens where the error is highlighted.

    Follow step-by-step process to correct the content and select OK to come back to Update screen.

  4. Select Execute Data Import

    You may immediately start a background job or schedule a program to run later.

    You will receive a notification of the successful data update.

Addition Notes:

  1. Once the errors are detected in the import file, this can be corrected and can be again uploaded in the system. It is not required to create a new Import File.
    If you are unable to access Import Log Link in Mass Data Maintenance, it is probably because you have opened it in HTML5.
    Open the Mass Data Maintenance Tool in Silverlight and then try to access Import Log, it will allow you to open and download the same.

  2. Once the csv file is uploaded in the tool, it cannot be archived or deleted.
  3. This process is not used to nullify a field but only change an existing data for a record, refer to the Knowledge Base Article: 1898866.

Difference between Mass Data Maintenance and Data Migration:

Data Migration: It is like an initial load, but is not completely automatic. It is performed using CSV files (not web services).

In this case you need to insert a "fake id" for each row you are going to import, just to identify each row and the relationship between them, but during the import, the system will simply ignore it, generating a new ID.

Mass Data Maintenance: The Mass Data Maintenance is completely different than the initial load and data migration (even though the UI interface is exactly the same of the data migration).

It is a way to modify a large amount of data, and is done via CSV files.

In this case you need to insert an ID for each row you are going to modify, and this ID must exist in the system.


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