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2328599 - SAP SuccessFactors Custom Engineering Fixes - a.k.a Script Requests - Process Workflow


A problem exists within the SAP SuccessFactors solution that cannot be resolved by features, options, or settings within the module, and which requires a customized solution to be developed to address the current issue.


All Modules within SuccessFactors

Reproducing the Issue

This document covers the scenarios listed below where the customer cannot resolve the issue using standard product features.


  1. The customer admin changed a configuration
  2. Data was imported that has broken something
  3. Forms were launched and the issue has only been identified after the fact
  4. A partner is working on the customer instance and has introduced an issue
  5. A quarterly release appears to have introduced an issue to the product (this article does not apply to defects or bugs which will be handled via the standard bug/fix process)


When you cannot resolve the current issue via normal options within the product, and support has also confirmed that the current issue is due to some variable introduced into the system, either by the customer themselves, a partner, or SuccessFactors then the following will occur.

1. Determine if the current impact can be lived with for this cycle, and addressed in a future cycle change. This is the recommended and only zero risk option.

2. If a workaround can be provided.

3. If the program, template, data or page can be deleted. Then relaunched or recreated after addressing the root cause.

4. If the issue is of such severity that we need to look for a programmatic custom solution (script) then the case should be transferred to a senior support engineer.

  • The senior support engineer will review the issue with a support Nexus.
  • Support Nexus (or approved engineer) will determine if this qualifies for a custom solution script via Engineering, and also advise the customer of any potential risks, concerns, or any other pertinent information.
  • The customer will be provided the Risk Assessment Statement to review and agree to before further techncial progress is taken. 
  • Support Nexus or an approved engineer will raise a Script Request JIRA with engineering providing all relevant technical details, including the signed Risk Assessment Statement from the customer. 
  • Development Engineering will review each request to determine technical feasibility of the required solution. 
  • Support will update the customer as soon as Engineering has completed the review.
  • If we can proceed with the script/custom solution, then typically it is first applied to a few test records, or possibly in the customers test instance, and only applied to production in full once the customer has validated results.SAP SuccessFactors makes no committment or guarantees that any script or custom solution can and will be applied to an instance until after the first stages of evaluation and testing are completed. 

Note: Code will only be released into a production environment once SAP SuccessFactors Development Engineers have confirmed the risks are acceptable, and the code that is needed is technically possible with a reasonable effort. As this is a cloud solution, SAP SuccessFactors cannot push data or config changes into the product via non-standard methods, that carry a high risk to all other customers. Therefore, all requests need to pass the risk assessment phase. This ensures that the stability of the entire solution is not put in jeopardy trying to resolve an issue for 1 specific customer. SAP SuccessFactors has the final determination of what can be developed and pushed into any customers instance, and the cloud solution in general.

This can apply to any area of our solutions, including but not limited to

  • live data
  • templates
  • forms
  • worksheets 
  • requisitions
  • application web pages

This article does not apply to typical product bug defects, which are addressed via the standard bug/fix process and do not require or follow this workflow and do not require the evaluation as outlined in this article.  
Info for Product Support and Internal teams: More information about script requests is available at:




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