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2329965 - How to control which candidates you see in MPH wizard - Recruiting Management


You navigate to Admin Center > Manage Pending Hires and are able to see more candidates than you are supposed to


  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


  • The RCM to EC transformation XML configuration currently includes "special" roles
  • The logged in user is permitted to see the EC Job Information data of the role(s) specified in the RCM to EC transformation XML configuration


Only applicants in the application status with Hireable Option AND who went through Offer Approval process will show in Manage Pending Hires

NOTE: Offer Approval populates the Manage Pending Hires table in Admin Tools. If an applicant does not receive an offer approval that is approved before entering the Ready  to Hire (Hireable) status, they will NOT show up in the Manage Pending Hires list.

Configuration Steps:

  • RCM to EC Integration XML Configuration

Depending on what roles have been specified in the RCM to EC transformation XML configuration, the system will determine which Candidates are visible in the MPH wizard, based on permission granted to the role users Job Information. Explained in step 2 below.

Target Roles
The standard Target roles defined in the pre-delivered template are as follows -:


Please note that the role following 2 roles should not be used -:

O = Originator (Field= originatorName) - Designating the “O” recruiting operator as the target role can cause complications, because if originating user is inactivated, the originating user will not be changed and the process will fail.
V = Approver - If this roles is used in the RCM to EC transformation XML configuration, you will see all Pending Hires from all Requisitions, regardless of permissions

Roles which can be used:

<role>R</role> - Recruiter / Recruiter Team (Field= recruiterName)
<role>T</role> - Recruiting Coordinator / Business Support Team (Field= coordinatorName)
<role>G</role> - Hiring Manager (Field= hiringManagerName)
<role>Q</role> - EEO Compliance / vpOfStaffingTeam (Field= vpOfStaffingName)
<role>W</role> - Other Manager / Other Manager Team (Field= secondRecruiterName )

Manager Roles
Each mapping-attribute Element must contain one manager-role element. This declares which requisition operator EC considers to be the manager role. Based on this operator, RCM identifies the manager and returns the manager's information. Only one role should be specified in manager-roles.

Example mapping -:

Please only map 1 role here!

  •  Role Based Permissions 

Depending on which Target Roles have been defined in the RCM to EC Integration XML Configuration (as per step 1 above) will in part determine which Candidates at the "Hireable" status (who also have an approved offer) will display in Manage Pending Hires, but, only if the person with Manage Pending Hires permission also has permission to view the Target Role users EC Job Information.

What does this mean?
For example, you have configured the following target-role mapping in the RCM to EC Integration XML Configuration


The above target-role configuration indicates that, if the logged in user has 1) Access to Manage Pending Hires, and, 2) Has been granted view permission to a Recruiters (target-role R) EC Job Information data, then they will see all of the Candidates at the "Hireable" status, for that Recruiter.

This allows you to specify which Role in Recruiting should be used as a filter when granting permission to that role users Job Information.

For Example:

Carla Grant = Recruiter
James Chen = HR Business Partner

Carla has completed the recruitment cycle for an Administrative job at ACME ltd. Carla has completed the Offer and the candidate has accepted, so Carla moves the candidate to "Hirable" in the candidate pipeline.

James Chen has access granted to the Manage Pending Hires wizard, and also has been granted "view" access to Carla Grants EC Job Information data. James Chen can now see only Carla's candidates that have an approved offer and is in the "Hireable" status. James Chen cannot see any candidates for other Recruiters, as James Chen does not have permission to view their Job Information data.

Admin Users Note:

As Admin users typically may have access to "Everyone" in the instance (including their Job Info data), an Admin User would typically see all Pending Hires from all Target Roles

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