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2333459 - Error :- Conversion Between XX and YY Missing


When performing material delta replication or updating the material from ERP to Cloud for Customer you get the error message: "Conversion Between XX(BaseMeasureUnitCode coming in the XML payload) and YY(Unit Of Measure) Missing" in the web service Message Monitoring screen.


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Reproducing the Issue

- You have an existing material in Cloud for customer with base UoM equal to YY and you want to change the base UoM to XX with delta change.


- In ERP you change the material and you update the base UoM to XX, in web service Message Monitoring you get the error message.


- In ERP you delete the Quantity conversion as it is no longer valid.


While changing the base UoM is allowed, there is a condition that has to first be met. There first has to be a quantity conversion maintained between XX and YY, and then the base UoM can be changed. This restriction is enforced to maintain the integrity of documents that are already using the material with UoM YY.

Additional info:

In the payload you have QuantityConversionListCompleteTransmissionIndicator = true, all the quantity conversions are deleted and only those quantity conversions which are part of present payload is saved. But in the payload 'NO' quantity conversion is provided between ABC and DEF.

New Base Unit of Measure =XX and old Base Unit of Measure = YY. Hence an entry already exists in node 'Quantity Unit' with YY as a Quantity Unit. As an entry for YY  already exists in Quantity Unit node for your product, a quantity conversion between XX and YY is expected. So the error.



To solve the, issue you need to send the conversion between XX and YY in the payload by updating the material in ERP.

In case you deleted the conversion from ERP and want the conversion to be deleted in C4C, make sure that the conversion is not being used in the sales data otherwise you will face the same error message.

If there are different units used within the product, a conversion between them is needed. If you now remove the conversion, the SAVE is rejected as a conversion is required between the different used quantity units in the product ("XX" on header, "YY" in sales data).

If you would enable the sales data in the UI, the usage of "YY" in the sales data could be seen. To delete the conversion, the usage of "YY" in the sales data has to be exchanged to the then remaining base unit "XX".


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