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2334505 - Sri Lankan National ID Format - Configuration to support both Old and New formats for the same format id (NIC)


Sri Lankan Country NIC Number uses two format (10 digit and 12 digit) Currently it is working for one format 10 digit and not working for 12 digit format.


Please make the following change to the CSF (Country Specific) data model for LKA national ID format .This will allow both 10 and 12 digit (old and new) formats:


<country id="LKA">
   <format-group id="national-id">
     <format id="NIC">
        <instruction>National Identity Card Number </instruction>
        <display-format>YYYYNNNNNXNN </display-format>

Please make sure that the reg-ex has no spaces, and that the pipe symbol separates the 2 ID formats, and that there are no spaces in the reg-ex


Deep Validation based on criteria such as:

1. Year of birth maintained in Date of Birth field in personal information of the employee,

2. Gender maintained in the Personal information of the employee, based on gender.

3. Old format: The digits three to five contains the number of the day the person is born in an leap calendar year. For females, 500 is added to the number of days.

New format: he digits five to seven contains the number of the day the person is born in an leap calendar year For females, 500 is added to the number of days.], Digits [old format: The digits six to eight are serial numbers. New format: The digits eight to eleven are serial numbers.], and

4. Old format: The last position is a letter that is a 'V' which indicates that the holder is eligible to vote in the area. In some cases the final letter is an 'X' which usually indicates the holder is not eligible to vote; possibly because they were not permanent residents of Sri Lanka when applying for an NIC Number.

New Format: The last digit is a check digit. (The calculation method of the digit check is not available.)


Special Note:

Please note that, even though you should only configure 1 (the above) "display-format" value, the UI will give a Display Format message including both the old and new format (as per below image). This is to be expected, as the reg-ex suppors both formats [\d]{9}[VX]{1}|[\d]{12}

The message will disappear once you have entered either of the formats correctly -:



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