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2335862 - SuccessFactors: How to increase Local Atom Memory (RAM) in Boomi


You wish to increase the Memory (RAM) of the Local Atom in Boomi.


  • If you need to process very high volumes of data and/or large data sets, you may need to increase the amount of memory available to the Atom or Molecule.
  • The -Xmx setting sets the maximum amount of memory allocated per JVM.
  • The number is specified in megabytes.


  1. For a 32-bit Atom, the default is 512 MB and the highest recommended setting is 1024 MB.
  2. A 64-bit Atom is able to use more memory as long as it is available on the machine. A server usually needs 1 GB for the operating system; the rest of the memory can be allocated to the JVM.




1. If the Atom/Molecule is already running, stop the same before proceeding.

2. Navigate to <atom_or_molecule_installation_directory>/bin.

3. Open the atom.vmoptions file in a text editor such as Notepad.

4. Change -Xmx512m to -Xmx1024m. [if you wish to change the memory from 512 MB to 1024 MB - 1 GB]



5. Save the file.

6. Restart the Atom once done.

See Also

Less commonly used is the -Xms setting. It sets the minimum amount of memory allocated per JVM. The JVM immediately consumes the minimum amount of memory and does not release it. The number is specified in megabytes, for example, -Xms512m. You can set the minimum memory in the atom.vmoptions file as well.



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