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What SMS capabilities are available within SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting?


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


The SMS feature supports the ability to send ad hoc SMS as well as the Interview Notification via SMS to candidates.It can also be used to schedule daily SMS reminders to candidates for booked interviews. The Recruiter role can send SMS and/or e-mail notifications to candidates based on permissions.

You can trigger SMS notifications from several areas of the application:

  • Candidate opt-in page
  • Interview scheduling contact candidates page
  • Interview setup page
  • From the list of candidates in the Not Booked/Booked status of interview schedule
  • Candidate pipeline (as status changes). Once enabled, a candidate can opt-in to receiving SMS messages on their candidate profile

Process to enable SMS service:

  • SMS notifications require a contract with Sinch which is a paid service
  • There is a setup fee, and customers are required to pay each month for messages sent.
  • Prices per message range depending on the country. There may also be costs to acquire short codes or long codes, depending on the country minimum requirements.
  • Your SAP Sales representative or CEE can assist you with obtaining a contract with Sinch.

How do I enable this once I have a contract?

  1.  Navigate to SuccessFactors Admin Center> Manage Recruiting Settings > Under Tab Short Message Service (SMS) > Check the "Enable SMS" option and Save.
  2. Username, password and url will be provided by SAP after contract.
  3. Enter the SAP Member Services account user name, password, URL, and desired countries.
  4. Navigate to Admin Center >Manage Recruiting Email Templates and create a new template for SMS messages, or select an existing template. Make sure to select Enabled in the SMS Status field, then add the SMS message text.
  5. Associate the e-mail template with one of the Recruiting Email Triggers that supports SMS Notifications: Candidate Opt-In, Candidate Self-Scheduled Interview, or Upcoming Interview Notification SMS Trigger, and enable the SMS checkbox on the trigger

It is not possible to enable the SMS service to one country specifically.

It is also not possible to send attachments via SMS or to get Job Alerts sent via SMS.

If I experience any SMS related delivery issues, who should I contact?

Open a ticket directly with Sinch via

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