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2336333 - Applied Exchange Rate and 'Display Currency - Conversion Date' in Financial Reports


In a financial report (e.g. Accounts Receivable - Line Items) the field Display Currency, a foreign currency deviating from Company Currency, is filled.
The field Display Currency - Conversion Date shows a date in the past.
For a particular transaction (e.g. customer invoice) the figure in Debit/Credit Amount Company Currency now shows a value deviating from the expected value in foreign currency based on the valid exchange rate at the time.


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Reproducing the Issue


Report: Accounts Receivable - Line Items

  1. Go to Receivables work center.
  2. Choose Reports and List; Report: Accounts Receivable - Line Items.
  3. Filter for a particular transaction (e.g. Customer Invoice in GBP).
  4. Fill the selection field Display Currency with a deviating currency (e.g. EUR).
  5. Select a desired date in the past as Display Currency - Conversion Date.

The amount under Debit/Credit Amount Company Currency in EUR now shows a figure deviating from the maintained exchange rate valid for the posting date maintained under:

  1. General Ledger work center.
  2. Under Common Tasks select Edit Exchange Rates.
  3. Find the valid exchange rate for a particular posting date by filtering for a currency-pair (e.g. GBP/EUR) as Target Currency and Source Currency.


A financial report filtered for a specific Display Currency and Display Currency - Conversion Date in the past will always apply the last (i.e. most current) exchange rate.
This exchange rate does not necessarily conform to the applied exchange rate at the time of the transaction's posting and valid on the day, now shown as  Display Currency and Display Currency - Conversion Date.


The maintained exchange rate GBP/EUR until 31.03.2016 in March used to be  0.7 GBP/EUR.
Customer invoice XYZ over 100 GBP has been entered and posted on 10.03.2016 (142,86 EUR).
Meanwhile the exchange rate GBP/EUR has been updated, starting with 31.03.2016, as 0,8 GBP/EUR.
In the report Report Accounts Receivable - Line Items (Display Currency: EUR; Display Currency - Conversion Date: 31.03.2016) Debit Amount Company Currency will now show as 125 EUR.
The latest exchange rate 0,8 GBP/EUR is applied in the report instead of the exchange rate valid at the time of the transaction 0.7 GBP/EUR.



This is expected system behaviour.


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