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2336483 - LMS: Recommending Items to multiple learning users


The learning administrators would like to recommend learning items to a group of users.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS)


  • Learning Administrators can recommend learning items to a group of users via the assignment profile feature.
  • Learning item will display on the users' "Recommendations" tile, on the learning homepage.

What are the recommended learning items?

A recommended learning item is a learning item that you want to show to a group of users but that you do not necessarily want to assign to them.

For example, you might want to recommend management courses to users whose next career move is into management. You do not want to require them to take the courses, but you would like to recommend that they enroll. When you recommend learning items to a group of users, each user sees the learning items on his or her Recommended tile.

What are the prerequisites for using the recommendations feature?

Learning administrators must have enabled:

  1. Recommended Items (Manage User Learning > Assignment Profiles > Recommended Items).
  2. Navigate to System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > LMS_ADMIN configuration property file.
  3. Set the enableItemRecommendations=true.
  4. Recommended Tile: Navigate to System Administration > Application Administration > Landing Page Settings > Enable the Recommend tile.

How are learning items recommended?

To recommend learning items to a group of users via Assignment Profile:

  1. Navigate to Manage User Learning > Assignment Profiles.
  2. Create or select an Assignment Profile for the group of users to recommend items.
  3. Navigate to the Related menu > Recommended Items.
  4. Use the '+' button to add learning items to recommend.
  5. Click on Execute Changes from the Action dropdown in the Assignment Profile.

Once the Assignment Profile has been run, learning users' will see the recommended items on the learning plan page in their "Recommendations" tile.

Note: if the items added to be recommended are in the users' learning plan or were already completed by the users, they will not appear in the "Recommendation" tile.


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