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2340891 - Partner support & help request - Creating an case - Onboarding


  • Partner Support and Help request
  • What to include in an case if you are a partner
  • What should I check before opening an case if I am a partner.


SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding - All Versions


Partners have many options for support. Please review the following options before opening a support case.

  • General Resources: See the SCN content SAP SuccessFactors  - Implementation Tips & Tricks from Support
  • Your Own Resources: Leverage Senior Internal resources within your respective organizations as the first line of support.
  • Guides: Re-visit the implementation guides and product documentation for the product to be sure it’s not already covered there. The guides are updated regularly after each release, and can be found on
  • Existing KBA's for your topic: See KBA 2340850 - Onboarding Implementation tips & tricks from Support, as well as KBA's in the launchpad - make sure to search for KBA's before opening an case.

Creating an case


  • Customer needs to create an S-User for you against their SF system. If required to open an case, do so with this newly created S-User ID.
  • If you are a trained certified partner, then you may open a support case via the regular Client Support Portal.
    Please note that Customer Support and PS Partner Support teams deliver support only to trained partner resources. This means you must first have attended a Mastery Training and/or Certification in the product pillar to be able to log cases with support.
  • If you have not yet been certified you may seek help from another trained/certified resource in your organization or contact Successfactors Professional Services for a paid service.

In order to have support assist you right from the start with the correct level of attention, please provide as much of the following information as possible.

(If you are a customer only provide information for point 1)

  1. System/Tenant information:
    • Customer Name:
    • Company ID/Data Center:
    • Onboarding Account ID
    • (Support) Username and Username used to replicate issue (if different):
    • Timestamp:
      Collect the timestamp just before you start replicating the issue.
      This will be used in case we need to check server logs as it has information about your session (which server your session was on, time and date of the session, etc..)
      See KBA 2341124 - Time Stamp Explained in case you need help locating the timestamp
    • URL:

  2. Do you have a Statement of Work (SOW) signed with our Professional Services?
  3. Is the customer already LIVE?
  4. If yes, when did the customer go live with this functionality?
  5. Was the functionality ever functioning earlier? In which environment?
  6. If you are submitting the ticket under your customer’s account, please provide:
    • Your complete name and contact details:
    • Your (partner) company name:
    • Country:


We need this information if you are opening a Very High or High case.
This is to help us prioritise in Support as well as communicate the relevant information to our Engineering teams if they need to be engaged.

For details on business impact and other important case handling guidelines, see KBA 2287393 - SAP Successfactors - information on support processes and case handling guidelines 

For details on case priority for Platform cases, see KBA 2341168 - case Prioritization for "Onboarding"


  1. Issue: Describe what the problem is in a few sentences.
    Example: In admin tools we get an error message if we click into company settings.

  2. Expected behaviour: Instead of running into your issue, what would be the expected behaviour from your point of view ?
    Example: Instead of getting an error message we expect to see the company settings section.

  3. Replication Steps: Provide detailed steps to replicate the issue. Please provide accompanying screenshots showing what you are doing as well.
    Make sure all screenshots are uncropped, meaning they show the full browser page including the address bar.
    Step 1. Log into the instance with user TestUser
    Step 2. Proxy as user IssueUser
    Step 3. Navigate to admin tools
    Step 4. Click on company settings
    Step 5. The error is displayed.


As part of your intial checks you may have already tested a few solutions based on existing KBA, as well as the tips & tricks articles from Support.
lease make sure to document this so that we do not ask you to test something you already checked.

- Tested accessing with several other users (Users A, B, and C) but we could not replicate. Issue is only with IssueUser
- Made user IssueUser inactive and reactivated them, but issue still persists.
- Searched for KBA's but no solutions found.



List any attachments that you are providing us and a small description on what each attachment is.

- Timestamp attached see timestamp.jpg
- Replication steps documented and attached see replication.docx
- HTTPWatch trace recorded see Issue.hwl
- etc..


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