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2341080 - MDF Talent Pool Configuration


This article provides an overview on MDF Talent Pools functionality, as well as the required configuration steps to start using the feature.

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SAP SuccessFactors Succession Management


Talent Pools offer an alternative approach to succession planning by allowing you to group successors. They can also be used to group your talent for non succession related needs like development plans, rotation programs, or high-potential pools.

The new Talent Pools which is built on the MDF Framework provides many new features and capabilities over the old Pools. The new Pools are included in Succession product subscription.


  • Succession Subscription: A subscription for the Succession & Development product is required to use Talent Pools.
  • Role-Based Permissions: Customers are required to implement Role Based Permissions before implementing MDF Talent Pools.
  • Generic Objects: Administrators need to have permissions to configure "Generic Objects".

Benefits of MDF Pools

  • Alternate Succession Method: MDF Pools provides an efficient and powerful method for conducting Succession Planning as an alternate to named Succession Plans; customers have used these for broader, manager level planning.
  • Dedicated Page: MDF Pools introduces a new dedicated page in the application, where they can be managed independently of the Succession Org Chart.
  • Custom Attributes: The new Pools can be extended by adding custom attributes such as Department, Purpose, Development Notes, etc. to the Pool definition.
    • This can be accomplished by adding an additional field to the Talent Pool Object via the Configure Object Definitions page
  • Granular Permissions: The new Pools can be permissioned on the Pool attributes, thus limiting Pool visibility to just the pools that a user should be allowed to manage.

Enabling MDF Pools (Requires Backend Access)

Provisioning access is required to enable MDF Talent Pools. Before you enable MDF Talent Pools, ensure that the customer has implemented Role Based Permissions


Configuring MDF Talent Pool object

Any new feature enabled using Meta Data Framework is often referred to as an object

What is an Object? An object can be explained with an analogy to lego building blocks. Think of an object as a lego building block that shares common properties and rules with other building blocks (e.g., their shape and method of attachment). Lego blocks are attached to each other following a pattern or logic that leads to a complete lego creation. Similarly multiple objects can be used to build an application functionality

To configure MDF Talent Pools, the admin user must first be granted MDF administration privileges:

  1. Go to Admin Tools > Manage Permission Roles and open your admin role.
  2. Click Permission… and scroll down to Administrator Permissions and select Metadata Framework
  3. Ensure that all Metadata Framework permissions are checked. Depending on your configuration, all the options displayed here may not appear. These permissions allow you to configure your MDF Talent Pool object


Once MDF admin privileges are granted, the admin user can define the Talent Pool MDF object:

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools > Configure Object Definition (you may need to log in again for the permission to be available). Choose "Object Definition" from the drop down menu and type "TalentPool " on the search box. Clicking on the search results will open the Talent Pools MDF object:


  1. Choose Take Action > Make Correction from the Object definition
  2. Navigate to the bottom of the definition and update Security of the object to associate with Role Base Permissions > Choose “Yes” for Secured and “Misc. Permission” for Permission Category


  1. Add custom fields at the bottom of the fields list, if needed; also localize labels by clicking on the “Details” next to any field
  2. Save the object and exit

Note: We cannot display the custom fields onto the MDF Talent Pool tile.

MDF Talent Pool Permissions

See Wiki Page MDF Talent Pools - How to grant permissions? for information on the permissions available for Talent Pools and how to grant them.

Additional Configuration

Go to the Wiki Page MDF Talent Pools - Features and configuration options.

MDF Talent Pools Usage

Go to Wiki Page MDF Talent Pools - UI overview.

For more information on MDF Talent Pools, you can refer to Succession: Implementation and Administration Guide - Talent Pools (MDF) (Requires login).


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