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This is a bridge article to most common questions and issues faced while working with Matrix Grid Reports.


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How to use Matrix Grid Reports?
Information on how the Matrix Grid Report works and basic configuration for the tool, is available in the wiki page "Matrix Grid Reports - Overview and Getting Started".

What is the source of the ratings in Matrix Grid Reports?
Complete information on how the system retrieves the rating information for users to be used in Matrix Grid Reports is available in the wiki page "Matrix Grid Reports - Understanding the source of ratings".

How to use Dynamic Groups in Matrix Grid Report?
The Dynamic Group is identified in the reports as "My Groups", and complete information on how to use this filter is available in the KBA 2305889 - Matrix Grid Reports: Using Dynamic Groups to generate the report.

How is the default Review Period range defined in Matrix Grid Reports?
Detailed information on how the Review Period range works can be found in the KBA 2669540 - Default Review Period dates in v12 Matrix Grid Reports.

What is the maimum supported limit I can set the Matrix Grid Rating scale per axis of the Matrix Grid Reprt?
While the rating scales can have more levels, the matrix grid reports themselves only support up to 5 levels per axis. See the Admin Guide section "Defining Levels and Labels for Matrix Grid Rating Scales" for full details. 


How to configure Matrix Grid Reports?
Configuration on Admin Center for Matrix Grid Reports, is detailed in the wiki page "Matrix Grid Reports - Admin Center Configurations".

How to configure the Talent Flags (icons) for Matrix Grid Reports?
The wiki page "Matrix Grid Reports - Icon Configuration" provides information on how the Talent Flags (icons) are configured for Matrix Grid Report.

How to configure Custom Weights for Matrix Grid Reports?
When using different rating scales in your instance, the Custom Weight is used to normalize the display of users in Matrix Grid Report. More information on how to configure and how the feature works, can be found in the wiki page "Matrix Grid Reports - Normalized Ratings and Custom Weights".

How to configure the filters in Matrix Grid Reports?
Filters provided by default and how to configure custom filters to be used in Matrix Grid Reports is available in the wiki page "Matrix Grid Reports - Custom Filters".

Most common issues

Users showing in the wrong box/placement or showing as Unrated in Matrix Grid Report: Matrix Grid Reports – Users not showing / Users showing in the wrong box/placement

Error when trying to generate the Matrix Grid Report: 2596953 - Unable to generate matrix grid report

For users showing unrated in the Matrix Grid Report:

  1. Please make sure they have rating for both sysoverallperformance and sysoverallportential or sysoverallcustom1 and sysoverallcustom2
  2. Please make sure they have a start and end date for both rating
  3. If rating is coming from Live Profile, please check if start and end date is visible in live profile. (If end date is not visible in live profile, please go to data model xml to have the option visible removed)
  4. If there is two ratings with the same end date, one coming from a PM form and one from Live Profile, the PM form rating will always take priority. 

See Also

More information on Matrix Grid Report can be found in the Succession Implementation and Administration Guide. The Matrix Grid Report sections of the guide are available in the KBA 2536013 - Succession Management - Matrix Grid Report - User Assistance Document link.


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