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2341614 - Legacy Data Migration - Importing Candidates, Requisitions, Applications via Provisioning - Recruiting Management


  • How to import candidate profiles, candidate background elements, job requisitions, applications to the system?
  • Can I make corrections to uploaded data?
  • Legacy Data Migration best practices


SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management


For new clients migrating from a different applicant tracking system, the implementation project may include data migration from their legacy tool into SuccessFactors. This scope involves significant effort from both the client and your Implementation team (SAP Professional Services or an Implementation partner/Consultant with Provisioning access) and therefore as an associated cost.
Data migration is done via CSV flat file imports. The import files must be hand-created by your Implementation Team using the final signed-off XML configuration for the instance. For this reason, data migration projects cannot begin until after the client accepts their configuration.

Best practices - tips & tricks:

  1. You cannot update the uploaded records. Please make sure that .csv files contain all correct information before importing data to the system.

  2. Please review the following Knowledge Base Article regarding file encoding and please follow the best practices when working with .CSV files: 2320676

  3. Test the import with a small set of data and confirm that the date is properly imported before proceeding with the main import

  4. Please note that importing more than 5000 lines of data in a single job can result in unstable behavior so please split the import jobs accordingly. Please refer to this information in the Guide here.

  5. Legacy data migration should be performed only once before customers go-live

  6. If you encounter any errors in the Provisioning "scheduled job" verify the details of the error and try to import just one record to verify, if the issue is caused by data in the file or is an environmental issue.

  7. Date / time values are stored in the server date and time. Verify timestamp in customer's instance / Provisioning

  8. Data in one file can only be prepared for one locale. If you wish to upload data for multiple locales, please create multiple import .csv files.

  9. Verify the .csv filed before the upload, if all mandatory fields are filled before you perform the scheduled job.

  10. During the import jobs there should be no changes to the data performed in the user interface

  11. Please don't include attachments in the Application import - there is a separate import job to import attachments; If you try to include the resume in the application import job the error "X is invalid for picklist X" might appear and the resume won't be linked with the application

  12. Please see the correct values in the document attached for "start and end date" while importing a job requisition.
    corporatePostingStartDate - Start date for corporate posting
    corporatePostingEndDate -  End date for corporate posting

  13. Attachment imports are not supported for Job Requisitions, they are only supported for applications and candidate profiles.

  14. OperatorTeam imports (e.g. RecruitingTeam) are not supported for Job Requisitions. If you want to mass assign OperatorTeams, consider using the "Manage Recruiting Team Settings" tool in Admin Center, as described in KBA 2525942 - "My Recruiting Team Preferences Settings". 

  15. Evergreen Requisition are not supported with job requisition import. See implementation guide Link
  16. Avoid to add brackets symbol ( ) [ ] in the cv file name to avoid any error while importing resumes to the system.
  17. Make sure that the csv file for resume import does not contain the following characters: 

    # (Number Sign)

    ? (Question Mark)

    / (Slash)

  18. Please note Object Fields are not supported with Legacy Import. The behaviour will be inconsistent and you may receive errors when importing in Provisioning 

Note: Please find legacy import templates and samples attached to this Knowledge Base Article.


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