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2342215 - Calibration Implementation Overview - How to get started



Cloud Product Support team provides you and our partners with a comprehensive one stop shop for resources and information sources for SAP SuccessFactors Calibration that you can use for your learning, training, and implementation needs.

The aim is to centralize the available content for SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management and Calibration that is already out there for you and also help you by creating Knowledgebase Articles that cover the most common support issues encountered during implementations and Go-live.

IMPORTANT: Before you start launching forms and the roll-out of your calibration cycle to live users, here some basic checks you should do beforehand:

2076076 - Launching Forms - QA Form Templates Prior to Launch - Performance Management


SAP SuccessFactors Calibration


Tips & Tricks


In below sources are some tips and tricks recommended by Product Support, which you should consider first before opening a Support case.

Always check every single basic setting outlined in implementation / admin guide and knowledgebase articles, as this might help you to resolve your issue; e.g. if in one knowledgebase article there are 10 prerequisites mentioned that need to be set, check systematically that all are met!

Implementation / Admin guide:

2247687 - Admin Guides - Implementation Guides for Calibration Module - Calibration


Calibration Templates / Settings / Sessions:

2070030 - Configuring - Manage Calibration Templates - Calibration

2070146 - Configuring - Manage Calibration Templates - Advanced Tab - Calibration

2070779 - Manage Templates - Advanced - Restrict Moderation Role Access by Target Population - Calibration

2070559 - Executive Review - Setting Permissions - Calibration

2070588 - Executive Review - How to Enable and Use - Calibration


2070171 - Configuring - Manage Calibration Settings - Calibration

2070830 - Views - List View All about - Calibration

2070807 - Views - Bin view, Show an extra column for - Calibration

2070799 - Views - Bin View, List View, Matrix Grid View, Dashboard - Calibration

2071383 - Views - List View Showing Labels Not Values - Calibration

2070828 - Views - Enable Drag and Drop to change employee ratings - Calibration

2070787 - Views - List View - Add fields to List View - Calibration

2070708 - Printing - Print 9-box view in color - Calibration


2070860 - Troubleshooting Calibration Sessions - Calibration

2070673 - Manage Sessions - Enabling Team Managers to Create a Session from Team Overview - Calibration

2070661 - Manage Sessions - Enable Manager Calibration Session - Calibration

2070630 - Manage Sessions - Include inactive users within Calibration sessions - Calibration

2070739 - Manage Sessions - Stack Ranking using "Enable stack ranking in bin view" - Calibration


2070797 - Reports - Calibration Ad Hoc Report - Calibration

2070827 - Reports - Calibration Ratings in Employee Profile - Calibration

2250747 - Ratings in the Ad-hoc Report doesn't match the rating in the finalized Calibration Session-Calibration


You executed the first 3 steps and validated that you require to open an case.


Best practice - Basic information you should provide when opening an case for issues with Calibration:

1. What is being calibrated? PM Forms, Compensation, etc.? Attach related form/plan template(s) involved:
2. When did this start? Has it ever worked?
3. Name of the calibration template and according calibration session:
4. Is the calibration session in progress or closed?
5. Document Title and Document ID of forms/plans affected:
6. Username(s) of affected user(s):
7. Username of the person owning calibration session or forms:
8. Person to Login/Proxy and view issue as:
9. Description of what you are doing / issue:
10. What should be the expected behavior from your point of view:
11. What is the actual behavior instead:
12. Options you tried so far to resolve your issue:

In addition to the above always provide as well:

  1. The date and timestamp from the affected instance (preferable right after you encountered the error):

V11: Login to home page > find the ? Icon > click to open About SuccessFactors Info
V12: Login to the application > Go to the page footer > click on Show version information. > This will open a pop window with the following information

example for timestamp:

About SuccessFactors
SuccessFactors Business Execution Suite
Release: b1302.116
Server: 254dc4sfsalescf02Cluster01-405
Timestamp: 2013-04-11T22:24:10.293-0400
Company ID: ACE150
UI version: v12 (Revolution)
Edition: Enterprise
Admin version: OneAdmin

  1. Replication document with full uncropped screenshots showing each single step until you encounter the error


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