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2342327 - Initial Balance Field is missing in Time File of an Employee


You have observed that some of Employees don’t have the Initial Balance field in their Time File.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Time Administration work center
  2. Go to Employee view
  3. Search and Edit an Employee
  4. Go to Time Profile tab
  5. Select the Time Profile and go to Time Account Rules sub-tab
  6. Select the Time Account and go to Accural/Entitlement Rules sub tab.


As per the Help Center documentation Complete Time Data (Hire):

The Initial Balance field is displayed on this tab in the following cases:

  1. If the employee's hire date lies no more than 3 months before the time file date, you have the option of assigning the employee an initial time account balance. The Initial Balance field is not available if the hire date lies more than three months before the time file date. In this case, an initial balance can only be assigned by means of a manual adjustment.
  2. In the case of a rehire that is not flagged as a Reinstatement, which indicates that the rehired employee is granted his or her former benefits.

For more details you could checked it in Help Center.


If the field is still missing then below could be the cause:

The First Regular Accrual has NOT happened for this employee. This would have happened when the time hire would have been done for this employee. During the time hire of the employee, the first regular accrual was not given and hence the Initial Balance Field is not available on the screen.


Why the first regular accrual has not happened?

This can happen when respective the time account was invalid during the time hire of the employee. The validity of the time account was changed and adjusted as per the time profile start date of the employee. If this is the case then in time hire of this employee, the Initial Balance field does not appear on the UI.



But to get the balance for the first time account instance the Manual Adjustments can be done.


How to avoid this situation?

This could be avoided in future by checking the validity of the time account in the Business Configuration before doing the Time Hire of the employee, in case we wish to assign a particular time account to the employee.


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