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2342466 - STUD-FIRST and STUD-LAST tags are not pulling user name in Contact/Supervisor/Instructor Learning Notifications in the LMS


  • The syntax tags STUD-FIRST and STUD-LAST are not pulling student name in Contact, Supervisor and Instructor Notifications
  • User Name tags from Notification Editor are not resolving values in Notifications sent to Instructors, Supervisors & Contacts


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Using the out of box SystemEnrollmentNotification or a Customized Registration notification
  2. The user's name is rendered using the <&STUD-FIRST> and <&STUD-LAST> syntax tags in the notification
  3. For the Notification Editor, this would be the User First Name and User Last Name tags
  4. The Notification for the Learning Item or Class that is sent to Supervisors, Contacts and Instructors does not pull value for these syntax tags
  5. Instead of showing the User Name as expected, STUD-FIRST and STUD-LAST are shown instead

Example of what is received (from out of box notification):

These learner(s) received the following message:
Doe, John  -  user01

Your registration is confirmed for this learning activity.
  1. Learning Activity: TROW Class Test
  2. Start: Oct/17/2016 08:00 AM America/New York
  3. End: Oct/17/2016 04:00 PM America/New York
  4. Instructor: Doe, C F


  • This is expected behavior because the notification sent to Instructors, Supervisors & Contacts includes multiple Users that have been enrolled/registered into a learning item or Class
  • A single value is not expected and therefore does not resolve the single Syntax Tags in the notification

Important to Note:

  • The same template is used for Users as for Supervisors/Instructors/Contacts, though the top part of the message is not included in what is sent to Users
  • There are conditional labels and tags which will have values when mail is sent to Supervisors/Instructors/Contacts:
    • The e-mail notification starts with following line
      • "The following Learner(s) received this message.
      • user01 - Doe, John "
    • This corresponds to following labelID and tags in the Notification template:
      • notification.Enrollment.MessageText1
      • notification.Enrollment.MessageText2
    • Or in the Notification Editor:
      • [Start Loop]The following Learner(s) received this message. [Rollup Message][End Loop]
      • [Start Loop][List of User IDs] - [List of User Names][Rollup Message][End Loop]


  • Since the same Notification Template is being used for both Users and non-Users, the recommendation is to use the default out of box notification method that lists the Users at the top of the message, and then includes the body of the message sent to the Users
  • When customizing notifications, be sure that the following conditional labels & tags are used for User ID and/or User Name:
    • The roll-up tags ensure Instructors, Supervisors & Contacts are getting the detail they need
  • User tags like <&STUD_FIRST>,<&STUD_NAME>,<&STUD_LAST> are not meant to be used for contacts, supervisor, instructor
    • However, if you wish to have a personalized greeting sent to the Student, you can include them in the Notification
    • If they are included, the Supervisor/Instructor/Contact will receive the message as noted above in the "Reproducing the Issue" section where it will show "Dear STUD-FIRST STUD-LAST"
  • Please review the default SystemEnrollmentNotification Notification Template for the recommended notification syntax: System Administration > Manage Email > Email Notification Templates > SystemEnrollmentNotification
    • To revert the notification to the default value, please see 2524356

 Important Note:

  • This impacts other Notification Templates as well, not just the SystemEnrollmentNotification template.  Any notification that would include multiple Students would need to use the Rollup syntax tags to properly resolve the Student Name(s).


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