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2342564 - How Employee Central and Intelligent Services affect Performance Management


Areas of Employee Central which affect Performance Management:

  • Global Assignment
  • Concurrent Employment
  • HRIS Sync jobs
  • Job Classification and Jobcode
  • Intelligent Services


  • SAP SuccessFactors Performance Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central
  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


Scenario 1: Global Assignment (2318799)

  • A user spent 6 months in one country, then 6 months in a different country; the user has an extra user account for each assignment. However, the user has only one login.
  • Example: Carla Grant has 2 User IDs:
    • 185 (original account - HOME) in US
    • 185-1 (extra account - HOST) in Mexico


  1. Admin Center > Launch Forms
  2. Click through to step 3 > Check "Include Inactive Employees"
  3. Both assignments will pop up when typing the user's name. Choose the applicable option


  • Both accounts will be active (HOME is always active otherwise the user cannot log in). It’s the Employment (Job Info) of the HOME account that may not be active (this has no impact on functionality; it's just a reflection of status in the data). You can switch between assignments with the “Switcher” at the top of the page.


Scenario 2: Concurrent Employment (2318773)

  • One user has several jobs so they have an extra user account for each employment. However, the user has only one login.
  • Example: Carla Grant has 2 jobs
    • Part time Support engineer user ID 185 (50% of his time)
    • Part time HR user ID 185-1 (50% of his time)


The user can switch between the concurrent employments since they have two active accounts


Scenario 3: HRIS Sync (EC only)

  • If you process a manager change with a future date in EC, it will not trigger an immediate HRIS sync. This will be picked up on the effective date by the HRIS sync job in Provisioning i.e if you make a manager change in EC Job Info for an employee dated 01/01/2017, the employee’s manager will be updated in EP on 01/01/2017 when the Daily HRIS Sync job runs.
  • If the change is for today’s date or a past date, this will trigger an immediate HRIS sync


  • Customers should not use Basic User Import to maintain data
  • The sync is from EC to EP - not the other way around
  • The HRIS Sync job runs daily and looks at future jobs (Provisioning > Manage Scheduled Jobs > HRIS Sync)
  • Performance forms are generated and routed based on data in the UDF

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Scenario 4: Job Classification and Jobcode

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Scenario 5: Intelligent Services


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