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Following are frequent queries related to Org Structures under Organization Management work center.


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Following are the generic queries related to Org Structures under Organization Management workcenter.

1. Is it possible to assign two org units to an employee over the same time period?
Yes, an employee can be a part of more than one org unit in a given time period.
You can assign the employee to a new org unit as secondary assignment.

  1. Go to Organizational Management workcenter.
  2. Select Org Structures view.
  3. Select another Org Unit and open Employees facet.
  4. Under Employees table, select Add and assign the employee to the new Org Unit.
  5. Do not check the option: Primary.

You have assigned your employee to a secondary Org Unit.

2. How to set employee validity in past for terminated employees?
The Valid To date for the employee who has left the company/retied or terminated should be first Delimited in the Org Structures under Administrator Workcenter.
         1. Go to Administrator workcenter
         2. Select Org Structure 
         3. Open the required Org Unit
         4. Edit Valid To date for this employee in past
         1. Go to Organizational Management workcenter.
         2. Select Org Structures view.
         3. Open the required Org Unit
         4. Edit Valid To date for this employee in past

        Valid To date in example Org Unit :XXX should be first saved as 30/06/2016.
        Hence, the employee is now not a part of any Org Unit which allows to set the validity for the employee in the company to be terminated.
        Go to Administrator workcenter and open Employee link, select the employee and choose edit. Select Valid To date as 30/06/2016.
        This allows you to save the changes for the terminated employee.

3. Is it possible to extract Org Unit Hierarchy to SAP BW or reports.
No, this feature is not supported.
        Currently the feature supports only header level data through the data sources Org Unit ID and Org ID.

4. Is Department field in an Employee Profile same as the Department Name of an Org Unit?
The Department field in Employee Profile is not the same as the Department Name in Org Unit.
         The Department field in Employee Profile is mapped to the Org Unit Name and not the Department Name

5. Is it possible to re-assign an Employee from on Org Unit to another.
To re-assign an employee from one Org Unit to another, earlier you had to terminate validity of this employee in the former Org Unit and then assign to the later Org Unit.
         There is now a feature in Org Structure where you can reassign the employees.
         1. Select the Org Unit and open Employees facet. 
         2. Select the required Employee : XXX. 
         3. Select Settings on the right corner of the Employees Table and select Re-assign. 
         4. This will re-assign employees from Org A to Org B, and at the same time DELIMIT this employee in Org A.

6. Can you delete Org Units in the C4C system?
Yes, only a logical deletion of Org Unit in C4C system is possible. 
         1. Deletion of Org Units will not be available in the OWL.
         2. Deleted Org Units will not be available in value help to create any further document.
         3. Transactional Documents which has deleted Org Units will remain to have them.
         4. Business Partner created out of deleted Company will not get deleted, you can block them manually.

7. Can you re-use the deleted Org Unit ID to create new Org Unit?
Yes, you can create a new Org Unit with same ID as that of deleted Org Unit.

8. Can you mass delete Org Units in the application from standard OWL?
Action for deletion is only offered in OWL for single Org Unit (only leaves are allowed to be deleted; no mass deletion).

9. Can you save selected Org Unit and bypass veto checks of Org Units in hierarchy at lower level?
No, you cannot bypass the veto checks which is done for the consistency of the lower Org Unit levels in Org Structure while saving an Org Unit.
        Hence, this causes performance issues while saving large Org Structures.

        Note: You must check the consistency of the Org Structure specially before triggering replication to avoid errors for Org Structure consistency.

10. If an employee has a Primary Org Unit and a Secondary Org Unit, which Org Unit is used for transactional documents?
Primary Org Unit of an employee is used for all transactional documents.

11. How many Primary and Secondary Org Unit assignments are possible for an employee?
An employee can be assigned to only one Primary Org Unit at a time and any number of Secondary Org Units.

12. Can an employee be his/her own manager?
Yes, as per C4C application, if a manager is also an employee of the same Org Unit, then he/she will be his/her own manager.

13. What is Adapt Validity?
The Adapt Validity option is available only when there is a change in the validity of an employee is made using Edit.
        Example: If there is a change in the Valid From date of the employee in an Org Unit, or in the Valid To date, the Adapt Validity will be available under Actions button.
        This adapts the validity of the entire Org Structure to match the validity of this Org Unit.

14. Can you load Org Units as sub-units, using Data Workbench?
No, Org Structure can be processed at one go by the BO as the Org Structure validates the data while saving to be consistent.

15. Does C4C Org Structure has Staging Area?
No, Org Structure in C4C works with Live Org Structures and hence does not have any Staging Area unlike ByDesign System.

16. Is it possible to reuse the same Org Unit Internal ID/External ID after deletion?

Yes, you may reuse the same Org External/Internal ID after deletion if the following conditions are met:

  1. ID mapping for integration for the Org Unit is deleted
  2. Reference ERP Org ID in the ERP system is deleted

17. Can I filter the Org Unit's search on the bases of non-valid org units and make it a default option?

No, it is not possible to facilitate the search for non-valid org units and make it default, you may enter the valid-to date in the advance search to locate the org unit which are not valid anymore.

18. "Only Local Edits" is missing in Data Workbench

The field "Only local edit" is currently not supported by the oData service and can only be set in the C4C system locally

19. Is it possible to delete an Org Unit through Data Workbench or Odata Services?

Deletion of org units is NOT possible via oData/DataWorkbench.

In general the org unit also cannot be deleted in the UI. When you delete an org unit in the UI, in the backend it is "Mark as deleted" for an org unit as we cannot lose the anchor (UUID) of it as it might be used somewhere.

20. Is it possible to have multiple Email ID for an Org Unit?

No, It is only possible to maintain only one Email ID to any particular Org Unit

21. Once the user create manager in org unit and "Functional" checkbox automatically ticked. Does this impact the Approval Process?

The flags "ReportingLineIndicator" and "FunctionalIndicator" are always read-only in UI and are both defaulted with "True". This is no new logic. Only replication from external system allows to change these flags

Approval should only check the primary assignments. Refer KBA 2919588 for the process.

The flag "ReportingLine" on facet "Functions" has not impact to the manager's flags ReportingLine/FunctionalIndicator.

22. Error Message "Manager already exists from DD.MM.YYYY to DD.MM.YYY"

Reason for the issue is that the Employee is assigned with more than one manager for same validity.

It is not possible to assign more than one manager to an Org Unit at same time period. There should be no overlap in the validates of manager assignment date to an Org Unit.

22. You are unable to access Organizational Assignment of your Employees in People workcenter.

You have not assignment Organization Management workecenter to the given Manager.

23. Is it possible to have more than one Parent for a given Org Unit?

No, a Child Org Unit or a Sub Org Unit can be mapped with only one Parent Org Unit.

24. Employee OWL does not show Reporting Line Manager in Manager field.

Employee is assigned to an Org Unit with a Manager, still you are unable to see the assigned Manager in Employee view Manager field.

Please check and correct ReportingLine indicator field as Yes in this case.


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