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2350962 - LMS: Learning Plan notifications sent without changes to learning plan


Users report receiving learning plan notifications which indicate a learning entity has been modified or deleted from their learning plan.

No learning entity details are provided in the notification (i.e. it's blank) and/or the learning plan audit report does not reflect changes.


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There are missing syntax tags in the notification template for the learning entity which has been changed or deleted from the user's learning plan.


To ensure this does not happen, add all syntax tags related to items, requirements, and programs to the ApmStudentLearningPlanNotification template.

To find a full list of syntax tags available for the relative notification template, access the 'Messages' tab of the template, and click on the 'Syntax tags' link.  

For the ApmStudentLearningPlanNotification template, you'll find the syntax tags that begin with:

  • CPNT_
  • REQT_

can be added. 

In order to have the data populated in the notification the user receives, the applicable syntax tags need to be used.



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