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2354809 - Failed to call SAP Analytics Cloud agent .. /deploymentInfo error in SAP Analytics Cloud


  • The following error occurs in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC):
    Code: SERVER_ERROR_500
    Message: Failed to call SAP Analytic Cloud agent. Please contact your administrator to ensure that SAP Analytics Cloud agent is running, is configured correctly, and is reachable from the SAP HANA Cloud Connector. HTTP Status: /deploymentinfo
  • Stack starts with:


  • Trying to connect to a Universe in SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) throws SERVER_ERROR_500: Message Failed to call remote system on /service/api/epm/proxy by Agent HCPService; Reason: JSON.parse: unexpected character
  • Stack starts with: Message: Exception@/sap/fpa/services/core/system/Exception.xsjslib:106

403 Cloud Connector.PNG


  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Agent Simple Deployment Kit (recommended)
    • SAP Cloud Connector (latest)
    • SAP Analytics Cloud Agent
    • Tomcat 7

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Configure the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector (SCC, formerly known as the SAP HANA Cloud Connector) and the SAP Analytics Cloud agent for accessing on-premise data per SAP Analytics Cloud Agent Simple Deployment Kit
  2. Connect to your SAP Analytics Cloud tenant.
  3. Create a Connection to an on premise data source such as SAP Business Warehouse.
  4. Notice the error.


This could be caused by several different reasons when misconfiguring the SAP Analytics Cloud Agent and SAP Cloud Connector. For example:

  • Internal Host and Port defined in the SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Connector (SCC) mapping does not exist or not reachable.
  • If you are getting the HTTP Status:403. PATH :/deploymentinfo likely the Cloud Connector has been configured via the Cloud Connector using another machine and same user or account.
  • Accessible resource or the Access policy under the mapping in the SAP Cloud Connector is not defined correctly.


How to test whether the SAP Analytics Cloud Agent has been successfully deployed on Tomcat:

  1. Verify that the Internal Host and Internal Port used in the SCC are accessible from the machine running it.
    • If Tomcat and SCC are running on the same server, use localhost:8080.
  2. Verify that the user configured in the tomcat-users.xml file can access http://<TomcatHost>:<TomcatPort>/manager/status using that user created.
    • If you get a 403 Access Denied it means that your user is authenticated but it doesn't have access to the status page. The tomcat-users.xml file must be verified!
      • Double check that there is no error in the syntax or the given user/password combination and services are not commented out!
      • If you copied and pasted the line "<user username="c4agent"..." it is possible that the double quote character is incorrect. Edit the file directly with rich-text editor in your Operating System.
  3. Make sure that the port used for the Internal and Virtual Hosts are accessible and the server is listening.
    • Status icons under the mapping are shown as green.
  4. Make sure that the SAP Cloud Connector is not configured twice using the same user or account
  5. Consider deploying the latest available version of the SAP Analytics Cloud Agent: 
    • Identify the version by accessing the URL with the given user in the tomcat-users.xml: http://<TomcatHost>:<TomcatPort>/C4A_AGENT/deploymentInfo 

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