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2354921 - What are the Required User permissions for Report Centre? - RBP


  • If Report Centre is enabled in the instance, the Report Centre (Reporting) tab will be available ONLY if the user has the required permissions.
  • This KB article explains the minimal permissions required for Report Center, as well as ways to identify if the same has been granted to the desired user(s).


  • As announced in Q3 2018, Report Center will be automatically enabled in all Production Datacenters in phases.
  • Note: The upgrade will be split into multiple weekends and notifications will be sent to customers.
  • After these automatic upgrades, disabling Report Center manually, as well as the Undo option for the same from the Upgrade Center, will not work.
  • User permissions will be automatically granted to give access to Report Center if they have RBP to any Reporting Permission. 
    • Currently for a user who does not have Report Canvas Designer or Report Canvas Designer Admin permission, if a WFA / ORD report is shared with them, they can still Run that report from RC. This cannot be achieved in 'auto provide RC permission' approach being deployed for production instances. 

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  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • Report Centre


Minimal permission required for users to be able to access Report Center (the Reporting tab):

  1. Navigate to Admin Centre >Set user Permissions >  Manage Role Permissions
  2. Search for and Choose the desired permission role
  3. Click Permission
  4. Under User Permissions, go to Reports Permission
  5. Select the 'Report Centre' option. This is mandatory for users to be able to even see the Reporting tab.
  6. The 'Schedule Reports' permission is optional. It allows users to schedule reports they own and the ones shared with them.



  • The 'Report Centre' permission will only grant access to Report Centre itself, thus it does not have any target population associated.
  • The 'Schedule Reports' permission does not depend on or impact the 'Legacy Report Distributor' access.
  • Access to 'Legacy Report Distributor' will still depend on Permission > Analytics Permissions > Report Distributor
  • The ability to create or run different reports (Table, Canvas, Dashboard and Tiles) will depend of the end user's permissions for the same.
  • To know more about the report framework specific permissions, check the following SAP Help portal document: Reports Permission Matrix

How to determine if users have the Report Centre permission as shown above:

  • Using a 'Role Based Permission: Permission to User' Table Report:

    • It is possible to build such a report from scratch. However, it might be a cumbersome process to filter for 'Report Centre' permission due to caching limitations with the 'By My Selection' filter option.
    • For your convenience, a report has been created which will fetch the user details and corresponding Permission role(s) of users with Report Centre access:
    1. Download this attachment - ReportCentrePermissions - Table Report
    2. Navigate to Reporting and Import the report definition file (attachment) downloaded
    3. Run the uploaded Report


Example output:



  • This method can only be performed by a user who has already been granted access to Report Centre and can create and run Table (Ad Hoc) reports for the 'Permission to User' module
  • Feel free to edit the columns in the report or the People Scope
  • Editing the existing filter in the report however, might break the report's core logic and the report might stop yielding the expected results.
  • To know more about RBP Reports see KB article 2089542 - What are the different types of RBP reports available in Report Table/Ad Hoc Reports
  • For detailed steps on importing/exporting Table Reports, follow KB article 2089488 - How to Export & Import Report Definition (.sfr file) for Ad Hoc Report\Report Table

  • Using 'User Role Search':

    • You want to know if the user sfadmin has access to Report Centre:
    1. Navigate to Admin Centre > Set User Permissions > User Role Search
    2. Enter the Access User, Permission Category, Permission type (A Target user is not required here as access to the Report Centre tab does not have any target population associated to itself.)
    3. Select Search Roles. In this case, the user sfadmin gets Report Centre access through the two roles 'System Admin' and 'Employee Self Service'.


More on User Role Search can be found in KB article 2229272 - How to check if a User has a Permission (for example Report permission)? - User Role Search

Using 'View User Permission':

    1. Navigate to Admin Centre > Set User Permissions > View User Permission
    2. Enter the desired user's details and search.
    3. In the results, click the user to see the complete list of the permissions the user has.
    4. Search for 'Report Centre'. This would be listed under the 'Reports Permission' section.

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