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2355520 - LMS Fiori User Experience for Integrated Environments


Fiori User Experience for Integrated SuccessFactors LMS


SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS)


What is it?
Fiori User Experience allows the use of SAP Fiori styles on a set of pages throughout the SAP SuccessFactors suite. Customers will automatically receive future Fiori interface improvements. Opt-in details will be covered in the platform session; this session includes an overview of the Learning re-skinned pages and impacts.

"Reskinning includes user interface changes such as font type and size, colors, padding, corner styling and, in some cases, icons.

Why is it important?
Provide a more modern and consistent user experience across SAP.

Integration with BizX platform

fiori user interface1.PNG

fiori user interface2.PNG

Fiori User Interface: Important Notes:
Customers using LMS branding that wish to keep the branding styles will need to update their css to use updated style sheet classes.
Theme with Fiori "Fiori Style Blue Crystal Theme - Interior Pages"

New customers only:
News Popup is universally available to all new customers.

fiori important notes.PNG


Fiori User Interface: Universal Impacts
In order to support the Fiori style, some user interface structural components were upgraded. These structural changes will be visible for all customers. Examples include:

  • Cover page tabs
  • Localization popup for titles
  • Some page layout, such as registration and task checklist


Fiori User Interface: Impact Areas

Home and My Employees

  • Item Record
  • Scheduled Offering and Registration Flow
  • Content Structure Pages
  • Task Checklist and Manage Observers
  • Curriculum Status and Curriculum Record
  • Program Agenda
  • Learning History
  • Search Activities by Competency (CDP)

Configuration Steps:
Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in

Configuration Steps: Platform Upgrade Center> Recommended Updates for Platform module>Fiori

Additionally, universal styling impacts will be visible on both user and admin side

Important Note: For information on how to access the BizX Upgrade Center, please see KBA 2116689

FAQ - Related to UI Interface

UI Enhancements
Question: How does this affect you if you don't have platform?
Answer: There are some universal minor style impacts as in some cases the base components used in the pages needed to be enhanced.

Question: Do we need any plugins on the browsers to ensure Fiori enabled pages are viewed correctly by the users?
Answer: No plugins are required as this is driven by the BizX Theme.

Question: Fiori is also applicable in LMS native login access or only integrated with BizX?
Answer: The Fiori page theme is only available for Integrated customers. However any features developed in Fiori will display with the Fiori look and feel.

Question: Will there be any updates to 'Theme Manager' so it is obvious which colors affect certain Fiori objects? (OR at least some documentation?)
Answer: The same themes in platform will work on the restyled pages.

Question: Do users opt into Fiori for ALL modules at once, or will they need to select it for each individual module?
Answer: The upgrade center opt into is for ALL modules at once. Note that some modules may have universal impacts.

Question: Will there be any changes from Fiori if you don't have platform?
Answer: The new styles are only available for integrated customers (you need Platform).

Question: So all the UI changes are made in such a way that it won't impact any training docs/job aids, but it is just a look and feel enhancement?
Answer: Correct - the padding, icons, and other styling elements are updated to Fiori but the functionality did not change.

Question: I am a new customer and will be going live in October 2016. Would Fiori enablement of the pages potentially require another round of user acceptance testing? Or regression testing?
Answer: We recommend you work with your service partner on this decision, and do some smoke testing at a minimum.

Question: Will the new type ahead feature work even if we don't use Fiori?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Do I need the Fiori design to use the assign tasks workflows?
Answer: The Fiori theme is just a style applied to existing pages. Features developed using the Fiori components are already styled and don’t require a theme to work.

Question: Will Fiori design automatically be applied with this release?
Answer: No, this is primarily an opt-in feature through the upgrade center in BizX. Since some component changes were required, you will see some styling changes without opting in.

Question: Will the HTML5 view and layout via the iOS App be the same if using the browser on the iOS device?
Answer: It will be similar. The UI is responsive and changes layout to provide an experience optimized to the device.

Question: Fiori won't impact standalone LMS customers, just those with Foundations and LMS?
Answer: Correct. But any new development is done using Fiori, so you’ll have those changes. But the styling we've added for existing pages is only available for integrated customers.

Question: Can you enable the new style and disable afterwards?
Answer: You have 30 days after upgrading in upgrade center to revert the feature. We also recommend trying this in your preview environment before enabling in your production environment for any feature.

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