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2357604 - How to Fix Advanced Reporting validation Group errors or Single error


How to Fix Advanced Reporting validation Group Errors or Single Error in Canvas Reports?

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The Validation tool can be accessed via a Canvas report or via Admin Center > Report Canvas Validation. Please check Locating Validation Errors in Report - Canvas

If you open the Validation tool via a Canvas report, only that specific report will be validated, but if you need to validate and fix multiple reports at the same time, you have to use the Report Canvas Validation tool. Both are exactly the same tool, but the one from Admin Center will display all Canvas/ORD reports in a folder structure to make easier to select all the reports you need.

How to validate the reports

  1. Go to Report Canvas Validation tool
  2. The Report Designer folder/report tree will be displayed on the left
  3. Open the folder that contains the reports
  4. To validate all reports in the folder at the same time, select the folder and click Validate
  5. To validate individual reports, select the report and click Validate

Group Errors

If the Group Errors option is selected, it will group the errors by type (e.g. invalid Filters, Column, etc) and all reports with the same issue will be fixed in the same validation. This is the recommended approach if multiple reports have similar error.

Group error.png

Single Error

If you select Show Single Error, it will show only individual validation errors at a time and separate by report. If there is more than one error, then it needs to be resolved before the next error is displayed.

Single error.png

If no option is selected, it will display all the errors separate by report.
no option.jpg

How to fix the validation errors

After clicking on Validate, a Delete and/or Edit option will appear.

Delete option - If the column is not being used anymore, you can delete it from the reports

  1. Click on Delete

  2. You can get either a message that is safe to delete it or to proceed with caution (in case the column is being used also as a filter or calculated column)
  3. Click on Update All


Edit option - If the column is still required, but it has been modified (e.g. picklist ID change), you can use the edit option and replace the old column name by the new one

  1. Click on Edit
  2. Check the Old Value to know which column is being replaced
  3. On the left side select the column that will be the new value
  4. Click on Update All

After deleting/editing and clicking on Update/Update All, the validation error should disappear from the list.

If there is no Delete or Edit option in the validation error (e.g. The query is not specified or does not exist) the report must be fixed via query designer (Canvas report > Edit > Edit Query). If there is an error to Edit the query, the report must be recreated from scratch. 

Note: When you select group errors, only the Update All button is available, but if you validate single errors, the Update button can be used.

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