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2359102 - Frequently Asked Questions on Mass Data Maintenance



Following are the generic queries on Mass Data Maintenance:

1. Can you delete a file which has been imported in Mass Data Maintenance?

No, you cannot delete a file once it has been uploaded and processed in Mass Data Maintenance.

2. You are processing files using Mass Data Maintenance and there is no Delete button to delete an unsuccessful file. You want to understand if there is an option to delete the failed files.

No, it is not possible to delete any unsuccessful or failed files from Mass Data Maintenance.

3. Can you re-use the file which has errors during import in Mass Data Maintenance?

Yes, you can re-use the file which has errors while importing the data. You can perform the required changes and re-import the same file.

4. Can we use control characters in Mass Data Maintenance import file?

No, C4C does not support control characters. Hence, the text  following the control characters are skipped in the UI. Example: "", /, etc.

5. How to display special characters in .csv export file?

Special characters are not supported in unicode and CSV files are generated with unicode encoding. Open the exported file in text format in a notepad to show the special characters properly.

6. How to change Mobile number or Phone number in Address facet of Accounts?

You can use Mass Data Maintenance. However, if you have to change any of the fields using Mass Data Maintenance, you need to fill all the existing values for Mobile, Fax and E-mail in the import template as they are connected with single node. Else, the existing values can be lost from the master data.

7. I have removed the file header, why can't I use it?

The header in files downloaded from Mass Data Maintenance is used to identify if these files are valid for use in this tool. If you remove the header, the file cannot be used anymore.

8. Is it possible to use decimal notation and csv delimiter as the same character?

No. If the decimal notation is the same as the csv delimiter, then the mass data maintenance will try to delimit the values with the decimal notation, resulting in an error with the csv.

9. You are unable to update extension fields in Material Object via Mass Data Maintenance. Import is successful but no records updated.

There are a few mandatory fields that need to be filled in this template:
General: Language
General: Product Category ID
General: Base UoM

Error in backend: Processing canceled due to data inconsistency.

10. What is the maximum number of records for any given operation in Mass Data Maintenance?

Since the Mass Data Maintenance tool utilizes SOAP webservices to execute the update operations, it has the same constraints of the service interface in terms of timeout and amount of data that can be processed in a single request.

Based on this, the maximum number of records will vary by the business object being operated, as well as the amount of data being modified (for example, a file updating only an ID and a single text field will likely support more records than a file updating several text, numerical and ID fields).

For most operations, it is possible to take 5000 as the baseline for the maximum amount of records in a single Mass Data Maintenance run.


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