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2359126 - How to create a moving sum in Lumira desktop?


  • Unable to find an option to create a moving sum in Lumira.
  • In Lumira desktop, it is possible to create a moving average, but cannot see how to create a moving sum?
  • How to create a moving summary in SAP Lumira Desktop?


  • SAP Lumira desktop 1.x

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Open a document in Lumira Desktop.
  2. Under Visualization room, notice there is an option to add a Moving Average measure, but there is no option to add a Moving Sum.
    Lumira - 06.png


  • Lumira desktop does not have a direct option in the measure menu to create a moving sum.


  • To create a moving sum in Lumira desktop, add a custom calculation to your visualization, and use the function: MovingSum
    1. Open the document in Lumira Desktop.
    2. Under the room "Visualize", select the visualization on which you want to add a moving sum measure.
      Lumira - 01.png  
    3. In the Visualization Tools pane on the left side, under "Measures", click on the "Settings" icon of a measure on which you want to create a moving sum.
       Lumira - 02.png  
    4. In the Settings menu, select "Add Calculation > Custom Calculation..."
       Lumira - 03.png  
    5. In the New Custom Calculation window, enter the name of the calculation.
    6. In the "Formula", use the function: MovingSum, to create a moving sum on the measure, like:
          MovingSum({My Measure},3,0,true)  
      The MovingSum function as 4 parameters:
      - 1st  Parameter: Measure to summarize;
      - 2nd Parameter: Number of previous values before the current value;
      - 3rd Parameter: Number of next values after the current value;
      - 4th Parameter: Boolean value which determines if he current value should be included. true indicates the current value, and false excludes the current value.     
      In the example provided in the screenshot below, the function "MovingSum" is summarizing the Sales amount for the previous 3 values, does not include any next values, and includes the current value.
       Lumira - 04.png 
    7. Click "OK" to save the new Custom Calculation that calculate the moving sum.
      It will automatically add the new measure for the selected visualization.
       Lumira - 05.png  


See Also

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