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1) When setting the default group notification frequency in Jam Admin--say from None to Daily, is this default applied to only new groups?

  • Yes, only applies to new groups.

2) We currently have over 100 active groups. In order to change the default for those groups, do I have to make this change in each individual group?

  • For existing groups, yes, each one will have to have its default email frequency changed. We're assuming the appropriate frequency won't be the same for all of them, based on the use cases they're serving. So the best approach is to divide and conquer. Going forward we'll look at providing an easy dropdown from the 'Groups I administer' filter in the Groups listing, to facilitate doing this in batch mode.

3) Do only users who have their default setting of None selected for a group, see the bell icon when the group admin sets a new default?

  • No, all users with existing email frequency that differs from the new default set by the group admin will receive a notification alerting them that the default frequency has changed and asking them if they would like to accept the new default for the group or keep their current setting (ignore the change). If their current setting is the same as the new default set by the admin, then they won't receive the notification.

4) Do only those who have manually changed their email notifications to something other than the new default see the bell icon (i.e., user selection is immediate, group default is daily)?

  • Yes.

5) Do individuals who have changed their frequency for a group to say, weekly, see a bell icon when the group default is changed to weekly?

  • No.

6) As a result of a group email frequency default change, does anyone receive an email notification, or just the in-application bell icon?

  • They would just receive the in-product notification. We wanted to make sure we preserve each user's ultimate control over how much email they receive from SAP Jam. Experience and customer feedback has shown that if you force email on users who don't want to receive it, that it doesn't drive them to use the application more, it drives them away, and adoption suffers. We received a lot of feedback about too much email being generated by SAP Jam a couple of years ago, which is why at that time we changed the default to 'None'. We're hoping with this capability to set over-ride-able defaults that we are allowing administrators to make the right choices for the business needs they are employing SAP Jam to address, while still giving users the final decision.

7) How does Jam decide which timezone to use for timestamps in the email notifications?

  • The timestamps in emails are shown in accordance to the Time Zone setting of the recipient.




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