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2364243 - Insufficient system resource available to complete the requested service - [LMS]


When we launch(open) a course that has documents(word, excel, ppt etc), we are receiving "Insufficient system resource available to complete the requested service"



- SuccessFactors LMS
- Document courses like ppt, excel, doc, etc when it is opened directly

Reproducing the Issue

1) Launch a course that has documents and open it directly when it prompts us with Save or Open option in any browser.


The error message that we see is a common issue when there is a performance issue with the system. For file formats like ppt, doc, xls, pdf, audio and video files, flash(.swf) files, etc, the browser always depends on other third party or system tool to render the content.

ppt, doc, xls - Tools like "Microsoft Office"
pdf - Tools like "Adobe Acrobat Reader"
swf - Tools like "Adobe Flash"
audio/video - Flash Plugins

For example, if you have Microsoft Office installed in your system, when you click on any ppt or doc link in the internet, it would give you two option, Open or Save(this is browser specific, few would provide options like this and others would just save the file locally from where you could launch). If you save, it would be downloaded and from the local file you could launch that file(things happen here sequentially one after the other). The buffer option is selected when we select open->the appropriate application that could render this is triggered(usual case, Microsoft Office, if that is installed)->The application takes control from the web application and it tries to download/buffer the content->This requires RAM, internet connectivity, CPU activity and Hard disk Read and Write activity. This is not a SuccessFactors application issue but an environmental issue.

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Why is it working well for others and in one of my browsers but not in the other browser :
1) Their system configuration could be better than yours(RAM, CPU Power etc)
2) The load on their system was better than yours when they performed the action
3) Few browsers like Firefox doesn't eat up a lot of system resource unlike certain browsers like Chrome which utilises a lot of RAM and CPU to render contents faster.

How can I fix this :
1) Please always prefer to download the file so that you would avoid issues like this and not open them directly.

Why :
1) Lets consider that you do not have any application that supports the ppt format like Microsoft Office in your system. Now if you click on Open, the system would force you to choose an application to open this with and this case, all you could do is, only download this.
- The reason is, SuccessFactors LMS is not responsible for files like ppt as it cannot open that format. It is responsibility of the tools like Microsoft Office that does the job. This exact activity utilises the resource(RAM, CPU etc) and you face the error and it is not the LMS doing it but the tool along with your system.


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