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2364573 - Recommendations Newsletter FAQs for SuccessFactors Learning


This KBA covers the basics of the Recommendations Newsletter and FAQs.


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What is the Recommendations Newsletter?

  • The Recommendations Newsletter pulls recommended items for a user and emails the user a list of those recommendations based on a schedule you set 

Is there a limit to the number of recommendations the Newsletter will contain?

  • Yes, it is hardcoded to limit to 4 recommendations per recommendation type
  • If more are wanted, an Enhancement Request can be raised for Product Development to consider for future releases 

What are the Recommendation types the Newsletter includes?

  • Peer to Peer Recommendations (items recommended by a user's peers from the Catalog or their own Learning Plan)
  • Admin Recommendations
    • Recommendations made by Learning Administrators
    • These will fall under the header "Recommendations From The Learning Team" by default
  • Personalized Recommendations
    • Do note that this is a BETA program that needs to be specifically requested, contact your Account Manager for more information
    • It allows the system to automatically make learning recommendations based on a user's learning history
  • These recommendations can be any Learning Items including Scheduled Offerings, External Links 

What is the order of the Recommendations in the Newsletter?

  • They are first ordered by type based on the Recommendations Newsletter notification template:
    • Peer to Peer, Admin, Personalized
  • Within the types, the order is then descending by date the item was recommended (most recent on top)
  • The type can be re-ordered by modifying the Newsletter notification template
  • The "most recent" ordering is not customizable in the current version of LMS 

Where can I find the Newsletter Template?

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Navigate to System Administration > Manage Email > Email Notification Templates
  3. Search for Template ID "ApmRecommendationsNewsletter"
  4. Open the template in either View or Edit mode
  5. The template subject & body can be viewed from the "Messages" tab
  6. Syntax Tags would be noted as something similar to "P2P_RECOMMENDATION_TITLE"


  • The HTML WYSIWYG editor (Launch Editor) is NOT supported for the Recommendations Newsletter
    • This template has some complex tags which does not work with the editor
  • If changes are being made, be sure to back-up the original in case there are problems
  • Customized notifications fall outside the scope of Support 

Where can I find the Syntax Tags that are used in the Newsletter Template?

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Navigate to System Administration > Manage Email > Email Notification Token Sets
  3. Open the "APM_RECOMMENDATIONS_NEWSLETTER" Syntax file in View or Edit mode
  4. Under the "Syntax Tags" tab is a list of all of the Syntax Tags used in the Notification Template
  5. View the label value for each of these tags see (or modify) what is included in the email notification 

Where can I find the Label Values used in the Newsletter?

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Navigate to References (top right box) > Geography > Labels
  3. Search for the Label ID then open it
  4. The label text can be edited for each Locale that is enabled for the LMS 

How do I Enable users to make peer to peer recommendations?

  1. The Recommendations Newsletter must be scheduled to run (see "How do I schedule the Recommendations Newsletter?" below)
  2. Users must have the Recommended tile enabled for their Learning Landing Page (see "How do I enable the Recommended tile?" below)
  3. The users' role(s) must include the "Recommend to Peer" workflow (see "How do I add the 'Recommend to Peer' workflow?" below) 

How do I schedule the Recommendations Newsletter?

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Navigate to System Admin > Automatic Processes
  3. Click the "Recommendations Newsletter"
  4. Set the scheduling options
  5. Important Note: "Interval" refers to the time *not* to send the Newsletter
    • For example, if it is set to 2, once the newsletter is sent, 2 days will pass before the next is sent
    • If it is set to 0, it will be sent daily at the time set in the Scheduling options 

How do I enable the Recommended tile?

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Navigate to System Admin > Configuration > click "Landing Page Settings"
  3. Click "Add Tile" in the top right of the Home tab (or on the tab of the page the Recommended tile should be on)
  4. Check "Recommendations" & Click the "Select" button to save the changes
  5. Click the "Save" button
  6. Users will now see the Recommended tile on their LMS Landing Page
  7. The tile includes the recommended Item and who recommended it
  8. Users can either launch the recommendation from this tile, or remove the recommendation by clicking the (x) "not interested" icon 

How do I add the 'Recommend to Peer' workflow?

  1. Login as an Admin
  2. Navigate to System Admin > Security > click "Role Management"
  3. Search for the Role assigned to the Users that will be allowed to make Peer recommendations
  4. Open the Role in edit mode by clicking the paper/pencil icon
  5. Click the "Workflows" tab in the left menu
  6. Click the hyperlinked "..add one or more from list." under "Add a Workflow to the Role"
  7. Expand "Learning" and search for "Recommend to Peer"
  8. Click the checkbox next to "Recommend to Peer"
  9. Click the "Add" button at the bottom right to apply the changes 

Why does the Newsletter contain recommendations that have already been completed?

  • This behavior is limitation of the LMS.  As long as there is a peer recommendation on the user's tile, they will continue to receive it listed in the newsletter.
  • This can be resolved by removing the recommendation from the User's Recommended tile by clicking the (x) at the bottom of the tile (See KBA 2331883


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