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2365104 - Setting number of Decimal Places in a Pivot Query - ORD


When using the Average function in a pivot query in ORD, the result gives a number with too many decimal places.  How can the number of decimal places be adjusted?


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As confirmed by engineering (WFA-1119 and WFA-14962),  the ability to set decimal formatting on raw data columns is an Enhancement and a request for that already exists but there is no release date scheduled yet.  Hence the format or the number of decimal places in the pivot query cannot be set as well.

Workaround:   What you can do is to add a Calculated Column to the source/original query and set the number of decimal places for the field value there via the Format option. 

1. Create a Calculated Column, with the value being set equal to the raw data column (just drag the column name to the calculation area, i.e. Value=Column name)
2. Then choose the Number format then set the  number of decimals you need.

The number of decimal places will carry through to the pivot query.  This will work if the data that you are working with is numerical in nature or can be converted to a number.

But if you are working with a non-numeric field, like numbers that are stored as text in the system such as ratings and goal weights, the desired decimal places for the average cannot be set.  In that situation, if they're stored as text they still seem to be able to be treated as numbers in pivot, but in a Calculated Column you cannot turn them into a number and change the format. You may be able to, if they are distinct enough, to do a nested IF/ THEN statement.

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