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2365753 - How to Enable and Use the Analytics Live Slide in Presentations


This KB article describes how to use the Analytics Live Slide on Presentations, as well as the requirements and permissions necessary to enable this new feature.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Presentations


  • It is possible to add dashboard tiles, containing up to four tile dashboards, as live slides to Presentations.
  • The Analytics live slide is based on YouCalc Analytic Tile reports, and it shows in grid different graphs based on Analytic tiles. 


  • Dashboard 2.0
  • Homepage v12 


In order to access and create Analytics live slide presentation, it is necessary to have permission to access Presentations and Dashboard Tiles.

For more information on how to grant permission to access Presentations, please follow the instructions provided in KB article 2105211 - How to manage Presentations permissions

To grant permission for users to access Dashboard Tiles and create the Analytics Live Slide, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Admin Center > Set User Permissions > Manage Permission Roles.
  2. Select the desired permission role.
  3. Click “Permissions” and on the pop-up navigate to User Permissions > Reports Permission;
  4. Check “Analytics Tiles and Dashboards” permission > Select “All” to grant permission for all the dashboards and tiles or select “Others” to grant permission only for dashboards and tiles selected.  

Creating Analytics live slides

Permissioned roles would now be able to access Presentations and create the Analytics live slide by following the below steps

  1. Go to Presentations > Create a new presentation
  2. In the presentation page, click in the menu to add a live slide:


  1. Click in the “Analytics” slide:


  1. Select how many analytic charts you want to add in the live slide (up to 4 tile dashboards) and click “Next”:


  1. It is required to populate the field “Slide Title”.
  2. Select the chart you would like to have in your presentation.
  3. Click on “Done”:


  1. The Employee Profile tile live slide is created in your presentation:


  1. When creating the slide with more than one grid, the presentation will show separately the graphics, accordingly with the dashboard tiles configuration:


Note 1: It is not possible to apply individual filters on Analytics Live Slides. This is because for the dashboard filters, the end-user is changing the overall filter of the Dashboard. As the “filter of dashboard” is a feature the system remembers per user, it will then apply to all dashboard slides that THIS user has in ANY presentation.

Note 2: It is only possible to add dashboard tiles, it is not possible to add existing dashboards of product type "dashbaord" in Manage Standard Dashboards and YouCalc Files.


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