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2366029 - Dynamic Member Lists in SAP Jam


How to use the Dynamic Member Lists feature in SAP Jam?

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SAP Jam Collaboration


When working with groups especially in medium to large sized organizations, it may become difficult to recognize who should be invited to a group.


Published member lists can offer a means to save time in inviting users one by one. They can be created by manually adding existing SAP Jam users, importing another member list, pasting a list of comma-separated e-mail addresses or importing a CSV file with comma separated e-mail addresses.

Dynamic member lists are based on matches between profile field conditions and the values in a person's SAP Jam profile; if there's a match, that person is automatically added to the member list. Whenever a member list is updated, the groups using that member list will be automatically updated with member changes.

Profile-based dynamic member lists:

This feature can be found by navigating to 'Admin', 'Users & Members Lists' and clicking on the 'New Dynamic Member List' button

When a company administrator creates a dynamic member list, they can now apply profile rules to that list. They can then click 'Preview' to see a list of the member names.


Below shows an example of selecting one or more profile fields from the Options drop down menu to create the rule:



When profile changes occur that impacts a member list based on a particular profile rule (e.g., a specific job location serves as the membership rule, and a member no longer belongs to that location; someone new has joined the same job location), the member list will be updated to include or exclude members per the rule. Groups that use the member list will also automatically update to reflect the change in members (e.g., per the previous example, the member who no longer has the same job location is removed from the group).

Note: Automatic updates for larger member lists may take more time to propagate back to groups that use the member list.

Note: To be part of a Dynamic Member List, the user must have accessed the SAP Jam at least once.

Group invites and member lists:

Group administrators can now add member lists to a group by clicking the Required Member Lists tab on the Invite page, and then typing the name of the member list. The members of the member list are automatically added to the group and have the same ability to interact with the group as other non-member list added group members (e.g., selecting specific members from a member list and adding them to private folders).

Below shows adding a member list to a Group:


 Below shows an example of a Member list that added three new members to a new group with 1 existing member, which has now a total of four members: 



Misc:  When setting up rules for a dynamic member list, company administrators can now select SCIM fields such as Cost Center.

Note: Group members who were added via list cannot choose to leave a group, however they can unfollow the group feed as an alternative.

Note: Dynamic Member Lists feature is not available in the JAM Basic Edition.


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