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2366537 - Employee Central views no longer available in My Employee Files for some users after b1608 release


Post b1608 release EC Features such as Personal and Employment Info are not available in "My Employee Files" for some employees.

A number of admins and other users with permission cannot see their (or others) Personal Information, Employment Information, Manage Time Off and Time Off views for themselves or some other users.


Employee Central 2.0

Reproducing the Issue

Go to "My Employee Files" and see that for "some" (not all) users, you only see Employee Profile related views are now available.




This is not a Role-Based Permission issue.

In b1608 release, a new behaviour enhancement was deployed to prevent all Employee Central related views from being available for users who do not have Employee Central data loaded for them (those users who do not have EC data created for them in the system).

Some customers may have populations of users who only have a User Account (Basic User Data) created, but not EC data has been created for them. Sometimes this may be because of an on-going implementation for existing SuccessFactors customers who are implementing Employee Central on a phased/per region approach, where not all regions have had their Employees migrated to Employee Central yet.

The main cause for this is that for all of the employee's you can no longer view EC pages for, only Basic User Data import was completed, and no EC data was loaded/created for them.

This behaviour change was made to prevent EC pages from being accessible (by all users) for employees that do not have EC data created yet.


Behaviour Notes:

Pre b1608 and earlier versions - “Non-EC Users” were allowed to see Employee Central reöated views for themselves, which displayed as blank portlets, indicating "No Data or Permission".

Post b1608 - “Non-EC Users” are not able to view Employee Central views (for themselves or other non-EC users)

While the system behaves this way post b1608, there is no functional loss.


Will this impact users created via Hire wizards in Admin Center?

Please note, this will only impact users created via Import. Any employee that is created via the Hire wizards (example-: Add New Employee, Manage Pending Hire, etc) will always be flagged as an EC user, as all EC data required to convert an employee to an EC user is submitted upon completion of the Hire action.


Now, this behaviour change does not prevent you from viewing EC pages for Employes that do have EC data created. And it makes sense to not show these views for employees that have no EC data.

If you have a requirement to be able to access the Employee Central views, then these employees must be made valid EC users.

This is done by carrying out the 5 minimum required imports to convert a user to an EC user

  • Basic User Data import (which is already done, as the user exists in the system, you can skip this step).
  • Biographical Information import (required to create the Person ID)
  • Employment Details import (which links Person ID to User ID). This is the most important import in this particular scenario, as this will set the Database field "Is Ec System Of Record" flag for the employee, to "1" (TRUE), making them an EC user, and exposing the Employee Central views in My Employee Files. Note, until this point all users (when created via Basic User Data import) are created with "Is Ec System Of Record" = 0 (FALSE), meaning they are not an EC user.

Remember - when a user is converted to an EC user, then EC becomes the system of record, and all Employment/Person related data must be maintained in Employee Central (which will synchronize to Employee Profile/Basic User Data).

Once (at the absolute least) the Biographical and Employment Details imports are completed, you will see the EC views for that employee once more in My Employee Files.



How to tell whether a User is an EC user.

Currently it is only possible to determine whether an employee is an EC user by using the Online Report Designer (ORD) to create a Detailed Report on the "Is Ec System Of Record" column in the Employment Details table. To create a simple query you can use to determine which users are not EC users, please follow these steps below -:

1) Log in as a permissioned user (An Admin User with access to "Everyone")

2) Navigate to Analytics > Analytics > Report Designer > Detailed Reporting

3) Under "Data Explorer", select "Employee Central"


4) Then select the table "Emp Employment Info". Then from this table, add the columns "Users Sys Id" (UserID) and the column "Is Ec System Of Record" by dragging and dropping them into the "Preview" panel on the right

5) Then, at the bottom left of the screen, select "Manage Filters"

6) Click "Add Filter". Then in the new panel, scroll down and select the field "Is Ec System Of Record". Choose the Operator "In" and "Report Values". Then select "0" and click "Select", and then click OK.


7) Then click OK once more to apply the filter and return to the query view.

8) You will see only "Non-EC" User ID's listed in the exportable query -:




Using Integration Center to identify whether a user is an EC user or not

Please refer to article 2584658 - HRIS Sync - How to Check if a User is an EC User using the Integration Center



One last thing - if an employee listed in the report as "Is Ec System Of Record" = 0, but they do infact have EC data, it indicates that the employee was created via Import (not via UI) and that the Employee Central data was not imported in the correct order. This is rare, but can sometimes occur due to human error, during implementation stage of the Employee Central implementation.

Again, as per the above, the easy solution is to re-import this employees Employment Details and Biographical information, which you can still recover using the "Person and Employment Export" Ad Hoc report. Be sure to import in "Incremental Mode" as Full Purge should not be needed.


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