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2367023 - How to remove roles from Job Relationships portlet without having to import the data in Full Purge mode


There is a business need to remove a particular Role from the Job Relationships portlet, along with the related data.

Using Full Purge only works when all user roles are filled by active employees.

We need a solution to be able to remove just that one row from the Job Relationships data, without impacting the other current Job Relationships and without using the Full Purge import functionality


Employee Central


For this to work, you will need to ensure that the Job relationship Type value has not yet been OBSOLETED from the jobRelType picklist. This would be done only once the related data has been corrected.

It is possible to use the extra column in the import template called "operation" (which you will see if you download a fresh Job Relationship import template) to remove specific rows of data from Job Relationships. In this column, if you specify the text "DELIMIT" and then import the specific row, it will delete the row from the system without impacting any of the other assigned Job Relationships.

1) Navigate to Analytics > Reporting > create a Person and Employment Export ad hoc report on just the "Job Relationship" column set. Run the report (which will extract the data for all users).
2) Open the file in Excel or OpenOffice.
3) Filter the column "relationship-type" on the role value you wish to remove. In our example we will use "Custom Manager". Filtering will allow you to see all the rows for all users who have this Relationship Type assigned
4) Copy the data for those columns to a fresh Job Relationship Info import template, which you can download from "Admin Center > Import Employee Data > Download a blank CSV template"
5) Now you have all of the "Custom Manager" rows in in 1 import file, without any other Relationship Type rows included
6) Next you must put the text "DELIMIT" (in capital letters) in the "operation" column
7) Then you can go to Admin Center > Import Employee Data > select Job Relationships and set it to "Incremental Load" (do not use Full Purge)
8) Then import the file and it will remove just those rows from the specified employee's Job Relationship data, without touching the other relationships.

Example -:


Once these steps are completed, you can make the jobRelType picklist value for "Custom Manager" OBSOLETED.

NOTE: Using DELIMIT will not synchronize NULL to the CUSTOM_MANAGER column for the employee's Basic User Data, so once the Job Relationships have been removed from EC; you will also need to manually remove the USERID from the CUSTOM_MANAGER column in the Basic User Data file also -:

1) Navigate to Admin Center > Employee Export > Export the User Data File
2) Then remove the UserID set in the column "CUSTOM_MANAGER" (Custom Manager) and save as a CSV file
3) Then navigate to "Admin Center > Import Employee Data" and import the corrected Basic User Data - make sure to also tick the box "Process inactive Employee's" to ensure all Inactive employee's are processed as well.

NOTE: Special consideration should be taken when opening the Basic User Data file, if UserID's have Leading 0's or there is non-western text contained, to ensure the leading 0's are not removed, and non-western text is not broken. This limitation is with the package used to edit the file, not with the export file itself.


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