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2367174 - Tax Invoices Ukraine Created With 0 Quantity and 0 Invoice Amount


You have scoped Tax Invoice for Ukraine and maintained the settings required.

You have posted the Customer Invoice. The system creates the tax invoice automatically and this is available in the Outgoing Tax Invoices view. The issue is that Tax Invoice XYZ is based from Customer Invoice PQR which is supposed to have taxable items.
However, in Tax Invoice XYZ, the quantity of all items are 0 and the tax base amount is also 0 - which is not the case when referring back to customer invoice PQR, resulting which the invoice amount in the Tax Invoice is zero.


Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Customer Invoicing Work Center.
  2. Invoice Documents view.
  3. Find Customer Invoice PQR.
  4. Click on Edit and View All and Items tab.
  5. Select Invoice line and Click on sub-tab Taxes.

You will observe that invoice line has Quantity, List Price, Net Value which is more than zero and Tax Details also shows the Tax Amount not equal to zero.

  1. Go to Tax Management Work Center.
  2. Under Tax Invoices, Select Outgoing Tax Invoices tab.
  3. Show All Tax Invoices and search for Source Document ID PQR and Edit it.
  4. Navigate to Items tab.

You will observe that for the same invoice line of your source document item now the Quantity, List Price,Net Value shows as zero and Tax Details also shows the Tax Amount as zero but the expectation Invoice Amount in the Tax Invoice should take the Tax Amount carried from the source customer invoice in which the Quantity, List Price,Net Value is not zero for each line of the customer invoice.


Cash Discount indicator setting in the General tab for all the line items in the Customer Invoice should be same then a proper Tax Invoice will be created. If certain lines have cash Discount enabled and for some if its disabled then there will be split in the condition and Tax Invoice will be generated with zero value instead of actual Tax Invoice Amount.




  1. Cancel the Customer Invoice.
  2. Again post a New Customer Invoice and make sure that all the line items have the same Cash Discount indicator what so ever, this will help in generating the Tax Invoice with correct invoice amount.


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