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2372377 - Limitations of HTML5 UI in SAP Business ByDesign


This knowledge base article lists currently known limitations in SAP Business ByDesign's HTML5 user interface.


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HTML UI permanent limitations

1. Technology limitations

1.1. In Internet Explorer 11, we do not support embedded display of PDF content. This issue is due to an Internet Explorer 11 limitation—the PDF content gets displayed on top of the pop-over content, making the pop-over non-interactable.

1.2. In the Form Template Maintenance user interface, editing the template (under the "Open" button dropdown) with Adobe LiveCycle Designer is not available in HTML5 UI.

1.3. Data Migration screens such as the Migration Tool are browser dependent. They are supported in Internet Explorer 11 and Google Chrome only.

1.4. Display status of currently installed software is not possible in HTML5 UI. In Silverlight UI, Install Additional Software screen showed the status of the installed software on end user’s local system via a green square symbol (latest version is installed), a yellow triangle (a newer version is available to install) or a white circle (software is not installed).

1.5. While printing in Silverlight UI, there was an option to print page header and page footer. This feature is not supported in HTML5 UI.

1.6. Attachment of files with size greater than 100 MB.

1.7. Microsoft Edge version 41.16299 shows stranding scroll bars after expanding scroll container.

2. Defunct features

2.1. "Icon view" for attachments. In Silverlight UI, attachments feature provided option to switch between "icon view" and "tabular view." The HTML5 UI does not support "icon view" for attachments. Attachments will be displayed in tabular view.

2.2. Printed content of Gantt chart, work breakdown structure, network diagram and hierarchical graph are different in Silverlight and HTML5 UI. Currently, it is not planned to implement Silverlight's way of printing in HTML5 UI for these controls.

2.3. Quick filter in analytics report screen is not supported.

2.4. The Report Gallery is not supported in the HTML5 UI.

2.5. Merging of table cells based on merge rules on certain table displays is not yet implemented.

HTML UI limitations planned to implement in future releases

Limitation in Reporting / Analytics

3. The bottom progress indicator of reports while loading is not yet available in the HTML5 UI.

Core UI Control limitations

4. Highlighting the input field on clicking the validation error message. In Silverlight UI, upon clicking the error message, the associated field was highlighted and the focus was set on the erroneous field. This feature is not yet supported in HTML5 UI.

5. The Learning Center video playback is not yet supported in HTML5 UI.

6. Using up arrow key to select last item in a dropdown list will not work in HTML5 UI.

7. The capability to make an input field mandatory is not supported in cases where the field is used inside a table or if the field's data is bound to a row of a table (This statement may not be applicable for all documents, e.g. purchase order). However, if the option to make a field mandatory is not available, then it means that in HTMlL it is not allowed even if it was allowed in Silverlight.


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