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2374401 - Compensation & Variable Pay - Error when accessing Manage Compensation Statement


While accessing Complete Compensation Cycle you get the following error message:"CompPerStInvalidRuleException retrieving the list of statement templates"


Why is this populating and how can this be corrected?

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Log a customer support ticket when experiencing this error. This is being caused by a statement that is linked to the template which has been deleted.

Support can use check the server logs to determine the cause of the error.

Within the logs there will be information which will show the name of the statement. For example:

13:01:55,767 ERROR [CompOneAdminManageStatTemplatesController] [] [184146] [21f68df32bbd6465db66ffbccd2d692a] [SF,SuccessFactors,stg8sfv8_STOCKPM100113.,dbPool1,******,******,en_US] CompPerStInvalidRuleException retrieving the list of statement templates
com.successfactors.compensation.exception.CompPerStInvalidRuleException: Statement template: 2019 Statement is not available in the system
at com.successfactors.compensation.util.CompMiscUtil.createCompStatementPermissionRuleVOs(
at com.successfactors.compensation.ui.controller.CompOneAdminManageStatTemplatesController.getCompPlanStatementTemplates(
at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor10672.invoke(Unknown Source)
at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
at org.jboss.seam.util.Reflections.invoke(

Once we have this information go to Action for All Plans> Manage Statement Templates> Add Template and see there is no statement with this title.


Using the above example statement, we can resolve the issue by importing a Standard Compensation Statement template labelled "2019 Statement".

1. Go to Action for All Plans> Manage Statement Templates> Add Template and add a standard store template with the exact statement name seen in the logs.

store compensation statement.png

2. Once this is done the previously saved associations in "Manage Statement templates" will be corrected.

3. This will therefore allow you to access Complete Compensation Cycle> Reward Statements> Manage Statement Templates without error.

Additional information

The text of the statement is case sensitive and therefore must match exactly what we see in the logs.

Additionally, when adding statements into the system be cautious of using spaces or any tabs at the start/end of statement name.

These can cause problems trying to correct the above error as the HTML code for spaces/tabs convert to their respective spaces in the UI, therefore they cannot be seen easily.

For example, the use of /t (4 spaces), &#9 (4 spaces), &nbsp (1 space).

If you encounter this, we recommend adding this into the HTML body of a statement, import the statement and preview it to then copy the space which the code generates.

For example, below we have added a section where we use &3#9 which is a tab space.

tab html code.png

Now import the template and preview it. This is so we can see the tab being converted into HTML.

statement html preview.png

Copy the space as highlighted above. Now when adding the missing statement back to the instance add this to the end/start of the statement name.

Following this and the statement being imported you should be able to access Complete Compensation Cycle> Reward Statements> Manage Statement.

If you do still encounter an error, please contact support to investigate further.

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