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2375936 - OData API and SFAPI Issues for RCM and RMK - What is In Scope for Support?


This article attempts to outline common OData API issues and needs, and define what is in-scope for Product Support to process, versus issues and requests that will be handled via partners or a SAP services requests.

This list is not conclusive and there may be exceptions to any items described in this article. 


RCM Recruiting

RMK Recruiting Marketing

RPO Recruiting Posting

ONB - Onboarding


List of Existing Knowledge Base Articles Documented for RCM/RMK API - We recommend reviewing this list of KBA's if you are conducting basic troubleshooting on API issues. 


In Scope for Product Support

- Basic troubleshooting of API errors to determine if the issue is on the SAP side. If issues are found to be on the client side or within the 3rd party application, we may redirect the request to Services or the 3rd party. 

This primarily relates to existing setups that have been working, and recently broke for no obvious reason.

For issues where you are implementing something net new, and it has never worked, support will do an initial review to determine if it is something we can provide insights on, or will require a services request. 

- Clarification of information found within our official guides. API Guides: HCM Suite OData API Entity Reference - HCM Suite OData API General Programming Guidelines

- Any issues proven to be on the SAP SuccessFactors side.



Requests that Require Services or Partner Engagement

- Consultation on setting up a new API.

- Errors/issues that can be shown to be on the client side, that are not covered in our official guides or KBAs. 

- 3rd party applications out of the control of SAP SuccessFactors.


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