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2377769 - Talent Flag icons not showing for users in Succession Org Chart


Talent Flag icons (for example; Risk of Loss, Impact of Loss) are not showing in Succession Org Chart, even though Org Chart XML (in Provisioning) is correctly configured to display these icons.

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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Succession > Succession Org Chart;
  2. Talent Flag icons are not showing for users with values for the fields however if you check via Talent Card, icons are pulling up correctly:

org chart talent flags.png


This issue may be caused by wrong/invalid values configured for the picklist mapped to the Talent Flags (e.g. Risk of Loss, Impact of Loss...)


When configuring icons for the Succession Org Chart, in the Org Chart XML, it is necessary to specify the "value" XML tag to map an icon to each value that the field can hold. For Talent Flags associated to picklists, the system will consider only positive values (for example 1, 2, 3...) for each icon/option. When using negative values (e.g. -1, -2...), in the picklist definition, the system will not display the icons in Succession Org Chart, as the icons are configured with position number values in the Org Chart XML.

To correct the picklist values and correctly display the icons in Succession Org Chart, follow below steps:

  1. Go to Admin Center > Picklist Management;
  2. Export all picklist(s) > Submit;
  3. Open the excel file generated with all picklists created;
  4. Filter for the picklist associated to the talent flag.
    NOTE: In most common scenario, the picklist associated with the talent flag have the same name without spacing between the words (e.g. Risk of Loss picklist is riskOfLoss).
  5. The minValue, maxValue and Value columns have negative values:


  1. The values in these columns must match the value for their respective picklist values (Low, Medium, High) in Org Chart xml, use of any negative value means you do not want to use that value on Succession Org Chart;
  2. Correct minValue, maxValue and Value columns with the same values configured in Org Chart XML:


  1. In Admin Center > Picklist Management, select "Import picklist(s)";
  2. Choose recently changed file, and submit it;
  3. If instance has migrated to Picklists Center, it should be defined and look like this:

    1. min max valuese.PNG
  4. In case minValue and maxValue are not visible in picklist center, it might be set as not visible in Configure Object Definition > Picklist Value. It must be "Editable" under visibility as shown below:
    1. set minmax value to editable.png
    2. Note: If minVal or maxVal do not appear immediately in the Picklist fields, you can Refresh Metadata through "OData API Metadata Refresh And Export" tool in Admin Center.
  5. After uploading the picklist file successfully with the correct min and max values, the talent flag icons should display correctly in Succession Org Chart:

issue solved soc talent flags.png

Complete information on how to add/edit/delete legacy picklists, is available in the KBA 2088658 - Picklists: Working with Legacy Picklists (Importing, Editing and Creating) - Platform.

NOTE: In some cases, the picklist options in Org Chart XML are reversed, for example option "Low" has value "3", instead of "1". Therefore, it is recommended to first configure the picklist correctly, all values with positive number and then, ask Implementation Partner or Cloud Support to configure or correct these values accordingly in Org Chart XML.

For Partners and Support Only

In case picklist values are correctly configured in Admin Center, and icons are not correctly showing in Succession Org Chart, either by icons not showing for users or incorrect icon associated to label, it may be due to different or incorrect icon definition in Org Chart XML. The Talent Flags with more than one word in the label, will have associated the picklist with the same label, without spaces and upper-case letter. For example, the talent flag Risk of Loss have the picklist "riskOfLoss", where the letters "O" and "L" are in upper-case.

For the icon to display for the successors in the position node: the “target” attribute needs to be configured in the Succession Org Chart XML configuration for the icons. There are three supported values for target:

Empty target or attribute not defined: the icon will only display for the position’s incumbent;
“successor”: the icon will only display for the successors;
“both”: the icon will display for both the incumbent and the successors.
Example of this configuration:

<iconSetOption index="1" key="impactOfLoss" target="both">

If the "target" attribute is not configured to display icons for the successors, you would need to change this configuration.

See Also

More information on mapping values and how to configure icons for Succession Org Chart, is available in the wiki page Succession Org Chart - How to configure Icons?


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