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2383380 - Employee has Access to not Assigned Time Account


Employee can select Account Type which has not been assigned to him/her.

Business Requirement:
1. Two Time Account Types as XXX1 and XXX2 (where XXX1 and XXX2 represents Time Account Types) for Country : YYY (where YYY represents Country name) is available in customer system.
2. Those employees who have completed X years (where X represents numberof years) in the organization have been assigned the Time Account XXX2.
3. Those employees who have completed less than X years are having the Time Account XXX1.
4. But employee who has been assigned to XXX2, can also raise the Leave Request in XXX1. However he/she is not assigned to XXX1 and also don't have balance for XXX1.

Reproducing the Issue

1) Go to Home workcenter.
2) Go to Self-Services Overview.
3) Select New Leave Request.
4) In the Create step, update the below
Type of Leave : XXX2
Date: DD1:MM1:YYYY1 to DD2:MM2:YYYY2
Full Day

Leave available (as of today): NULL

Employee has been assigned Time Account XXX1.But drop down list shows XXX2 as well.


  • The Time Types and Time Accounts are two different entities. They are created in the Business Configuration work center using the activities Time Types  and Time Accounts respectively.
  • The creation of these entities is system specific. These entities would be available for assignment to the employees of the same country.
  • The VacationTime Types, if created for a country would be available for Time Recordings across all employees of that country. The system does not allow to distinguish between the Time Types on the basis of employees.
  • On the other hand, the Time Account assignment can be employee specific. The employee E1 (where E1 and E2 represents Employee Ids) is assigned a XXX1(SAP pre-delivered Time Account) and say employee E2 is assigned a XXX2(customer created) Time Account.
  • Currently, the mapping of the Time Accounts to the Time Types in the system is correct. If the customer wants to use two different Time Types, then the employees would have to take care of the Time Type to use at the time of doing the Time Recording.


  • Creation of new Time Type, is not required. The customer can use only one Time Type, to do the time recordings for all the employess, less than or more than X years old in the company.
  • The difference would be the assignment of the Time Accounts.
  • In Business Configuration, for this Time Type, assign both the Time AccountsXXX1 and XXX2.
  • This can be done from the following path :
  1. Go to Business Configuration workcenter.
  2. Go to Edit Implementation Project view.
  3. Open Activity List.
  4. Search activity Time Types.
  5. Select Maintain Employee Time Types.
  6. Select the time type - Time Account Posting tab.
  • The posting would happen to the corresponding Time Account whenever required, as both the Time AccountsXXX1 and XXX2 is assigned to the employee.



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