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2384511 - Foreign Amount in Report Differs from Source Document Amount


You have posted documents in foreign currency. The journal entry of such documents does the currency exchange in order to hit the G/L Accounts in company currency. However, when executing the G/L Accounts - Line Item report you change the Display Currency to the foreign currency and the Display Currency Date to the exchange rate date considered in the journal entry. However, the converted figures in the report differ from the original transaction currency in the source document.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to General Ledger work center
  2. Go to List view
  3. Open the G/L Account - Line Item report
  4. Change the Display Currency to e.g. USD and Display Currency Date as per source journal entry your are looking for in the report.

When executing the report the figures shown in USD are not equal to the amounts in the source document (in USD).


In order to better explain this scenario let's assume foreign currency as USD and company currency as EUR and a journal entry created on 05.04.2015

When you open the journal entry of the source document, you see that posting date is 03.04.2015 and exchange rate is 0,933, hence 1000,00 USD are 933,00 EUR in this example.

You need to check the exchange rate maintained in the system, as follows:

  1. Go to General Ledger work center.
  2. Click Edit Exchange Rates.
  3. Click View Exchange Rate History.
  4. Search for source currency as USD and target currency EUR.

In the returned list, search for the Valid From period that encompasses the posting date of the journal entry. Be aware that you must also consider the Created On column for the exchange rate validity. For the given posting date 03.04.2015 the system derived the exchange rate that is Valid From 01.04.2015. Such validity entry was created on 02.04.2015 hence at that date (05.04.2015) the valid exchange rate for 03.04.2015 is the entry from 01.04.2015 -> 0,933

After creating and posting the journal entry, the responsible user updated the exchange rate USD -> EUR to 0,988 with an entry valid from 03.04.2015. This entry was created on e.g. 20.04.2015

As for the G/L Account - Line Items report. When you specify the Display Currency - Conversion Date as 03.04.2015, the system will - today - look for the current currency exchange rate from USD to EUR for the date 03.04.2015. In this case, since the exchange rate with Valid From 03.04.2015 is already created, the system will uses the rate 0,988 and hence the amounts looks different. Since the journal entry used the exchange rate from 01.04.2016 as explained above.


To check the G/L posting in the transaction currency, instead of changing the Display Currency, you shall add the Credit Amount Transaction Currency and Debit Amount Transaction Currency key figures, which can be included in the report as follows:

  1. Open the report.
  2. Click Settings -> Key Figures.
  3. Highlight the mentioned key figures.
  4. Move them to the Selected area.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click GO.

The transaction currency key figures correctly reflect the foreign currency amount when the document was posted. The Display Currency is then subject to different exchange rates maintained in different dates.


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