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2385156 - Removing Relationship Assignment from Accounts using Data Workbench


Your requirement is to remove the relationships from your customers massively.

Example: Account ABC have three other accounts in tab "Relationship". You want to remove them. (ABC represents the ID of the Account)

Relationships can also include Contact Person. Hence your requirement may be to remove the Contact assignment from an existing customer account.


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You can meet this requirement using Data Workbench.
With Data Workbench enabled for OData entity "BusinessPartnerRelationships" with "Delete" option flagged, you can remove the relationship from customers.

So, the first step is to create a new odata service with this entity:

  1. Go to Administrator > OData Service Explorer
  2. Select to Show Custom OData
  3. Click on button New
  4. Maintain the name and flag the field as "Data Workbench Enabled" (check this box)
  5. Edit the new service and click on "Select Business Object"
  6. Select business object "BusinessPartnerRelationship" and node "Root"
  7. Include the following fields in OData Service
    • Root: UUID, CategoryCode, DefaultIndicator
    • FirstBusinessPartner: InternalID
    • SecondBusinessPartner: InternalID 
  8. Save and activate it

To use this OData Service in Data Workbench and delete the relationship assignments follow the steps below:

  1. Export the relationship data which needs to be deleted
    • Go to Export->select the business object "BusinessPartnerRelationships"
    • Select the filter criteria "ID" (if needed)
    • Click Next
    • Click on Export
  2. Download the above exported file from Montior.
  3. Edit the downloaded file
    • Add "ToBeDeleted" as the last column to the file.
    • For the records to be deleted, set the value as "true" in "ToBeDeleted" column.
    • Save the above changes in the file.
  4. Go to Data Workbench Update view
    • Select the object 
    • Click Next
    • Upload the file from 3rd step, click Next
    • Click on Import

Important Remark: Removing the contact assingment of customers, data like business address, function, department and business communication data gets removed as well, because this data is relationship-dependent and gets deleted when the relationship is deleted.



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