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2388035 - Configuring the Field Order When in "Edit" Mode in People Profile - Employee Central


This KB article explains how to change the field order of Employee Central blocks when in "Edit" mode in People Profile

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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central


  • Only the following blocks can have field order configured for Edit mode:

    • Job/Organization Information
    • Compensation Information 
    • Employment Details - (Country-Specific field order defined in Edit Dialogue is not correct for Country Specific fields in Edit Mode, ECT-74496)
    • Personal Information
    • Address Information
  • In order to change the order in which fields are displayed when in "EDIT" mode (via Pencil or History icons) for any of the above supported blocks, please follow steps below
  • The example given is for Job Info but the same method applies to the supported blocks:
  1. Navigate to "Configure People Profile" in Admin Centre


  1. Select the Job Information block and click on the link to configure the fields
  2. Drag and drop the fields to change the order:



  • The order of fields in this Configure People Profile tool will only be effective when you are in "Edit" mode for that section
  • Example - Order in Organizational Information will only be shown as per Configure People Profile when you are editing Organizational Information
  • In normal view mode (when looking at the Job Info related blocks via the My Employee Files), the order of fields are displayed as per the field order configured in Manage Business Configuration UI for the jobInfo element
  • The UI Layout for "Edit" mode is "FORM" (one field after another vertically) 
  • In Job Information, the Country-Specific field order is the one respected in Edit mode of this porlet.
  • In case an "unnamed" section, with some duplicated fields appear in edit mode, please try deleting the block, saving the changes, and add it again. This should fix the issue.

Issue with Field order after enabling People Profile for the first time

If you have just enabled People Profile but you find that the field order in Edit mode is not currently being respected or the UI layout is FLOW instead of FORM, follow these steps to refresh the "Edit Dialogue" template (again we use Job Info as an example):

  1. Navigate to Admin Centre > Configure People Profile > Job Information block
  2. Make a single change to the field order (swap the order between 2 fields) and click save
  3. Then revert the change (swap the field order back again) and click save again
  4. This will refresh the table and shall resolve the issue
  5. This issue occurs usually after the initial deployment of People Profile 
  • If the fields in the "Edit Dialogue" are in FLOW layout, update them to respect FORM layout
  • If not updated, they can cause unexpected issues, especially with regards to Country Specific Portlets like Home Address or Job Information
  • Issues, such as duplicated or missing fields, may be encountered

IMPORTANT: When you add a new EC Block to the panel in Configure People Profile - you need to click SAVE to save the People Profile configuration before trying to change the field order in the Block via "Edit Dialogue"

Employee Central blocks that currently do not offer support for "Edit Dialogue" configuration

  • emailInfo - (Email Information)
  • emergencyContactInfo - (Emergency Contacts Information)
  • globalAssignmentInfo - (Assignment Information)
  • imInfo    - (IM Information)
  • jobRelationsInfo   - (Job Relatinships Information)
  • nationalIdCard   - (National ID Card Information)
  • payComponentNonRecurring  - (Spot Bonus/Spot Awards)
  • pensionPayoutsInfo - (Pension Payouts)
  • personInfo   - (Biographical Information)
  • workPermitInfo   - (Work Permit Information) 

Employee Central blocks that currently offer partial support for "Edit Dialogue" configuration

  • personRelationshipInfo - (Dependents Information) - Only the "first" screen is supported - the "Edit Details" screens are not currently supported - as of 1902
  • Enhancement ECT-68425 is currently open to have these blocks supported, but currently there is no fix/release date committed

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