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2389120 - No request approval mail notifications are coming for Training Planner request for supervisor or user - LMS


  1. If a course is requested by the user, if training manager approves it, there are no approval mails which are sent either to manager or to user
  2. Again when the item comes to supervisor so that he can assign or approve then also no approval mail is triggered notifying the user that the request is approved.
  3. But if any request is rejected by the supervisor - email is triggered to the user stating that the request is rejected,
  4. If the request is rejected by the training manager then mails triggered to both supervisor and user stating that the request is rejected.


SAP Successfactors Learning Management System


This is by design system will not notify the user or manager (supervisor) for any request approval.


Training Planner is meant to be used during certain Training Periods. The overall idea is that during such training periods, all employees and managers can raise training requests. All these request are visible to managers and training managers in the Training Planner, and can be processed directly from there.
It is by design that during this entire process there is no notifications being sent, but rather all requests are collected and displayed directly in the Training Planner user interface.
The overall idea is that during a training planning period both managers and, foremost, training managers are periodically reviewing the incoming training requests, likely more frequently at or after the end of a planning period. Otherwise, in large organizations, all managers would likely receive hundreds or thousands of notifications if we would send those.

System Behavior -

    1) If a course is requested by the user, if training manager approves it there are no approval mails which are sent either to manager or to user
    2) Again when the item comes to supervisor so that he can assign or approve then also no approval mail is triggered notifying the user that the request is approved.
    3) But if any request is rejected by the supervisor - email is triggered to the user stating that the request is rejected,
    4) If the request is rejected by the training manager then mails triggered to both supervisor and user stating that the request is rejected.





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