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2389667 - Dimension members appear as inactive in story / page (input control) / group filter and cannot be selected / planned / booked in SAP Analytics Cloud


  • A user wants to select dimension members using a story / page (input control) / group filter.
  • When configuring the story / page (input control) / group filter with multiple dimension values, dimension members without any data (unbooked / unplanned) are shown as inactive (Hide Inactive Values) and cannot be selected.
  • The dimension option Unbooked is turned on in the story builder.
  • You try to input data into an empty version (public or private version) using a story filter or input control with the "unbooked data" option selected but no members can be selected in the story / page (input control) / group filter.

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  • SAP Analytics Cloud

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Browse to a story.
  2. Edit filter (story / input control) for dimension.
  3. Turn on the option Unbooked (i.e. Unbooked "On" in the Edit filter screen (Set filters for <Dimension>).
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  4. Select members:
    For example Time dimension: 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 then hit OK
  5. Go back to the Time dimension filter (story or input control) in the same story: only 2016 and 2017 are active, the other years appear as inactive / unselectable.
    Note: Hide Inactive Values (#) also appears in the story or input control filter: 

    28-Jul-17 1-15-03 PM.png


  • The inactive dimension values do not have data associated with them (unbooked values).
  • There are other story filters defined.
    • When there are other story filters defined, the cascading nature of the filters will hide values in other filters that do not have corresponding values.
    • For example, if you have a filter for a country dimension with "Canada, USA" selected as values and a filter on a city dimension with "Toronto, Seattle", unselecting the "Canada" country will hide (or make inactive) the "Toronto" dimension member because Canada is already excluded.
    • It is redundant to select "Toronto" because that will not bring in results belonging to "Toronto".


  • Turn off the "Cascading Effect" option for the story or input control filter.
  • Unbooked values will not be hidden and become active.

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