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In b1611 release, the new field "UUID" (id="per-person-uuid") was introduced for Suite Integration purposes. This is an Immutable ID, generated by the system when Person data is created.

When you import Biographical or Basic User information, the system now automatically create a unique identifier for each record. This is stored as the per-person-uuid field. The intention is that this ID can be used to integrate Person Data in Employee Central with other modules like Onboarding, Learning, Recruiting, Talent and so on.


Employee Central 2.0



Currently cannot expose the field in the EC UI. You will only see this in the Import template for Biographical Information, as well as Ad Hoc / ODS Reports for Biographical Information.

To view the per-person-uuid field value in the Biographical Information Import template, you must add the field to the hris-element "personInfo" in the Succession Dtaa Model, and it must be configured exactly as specified - visibility="view" and allow-import="true". Please do not change any of the highlighted attributes -:

  <hris-element id="personInfo">
    <hris-field max-length="32" id="per-person-uuid" visibility="view">
      <label xml:lang="en-GB">UUID</label>

You can also add the field via the Business Configuration UI (Admin Center > Manage Business Configuration) -:



Q) Why can I not see this field on the Biographical Information portlet
A) This is expected behaviour. Currently the field is not displayed in any UI and there are no plans to do so.

Q) Why can I not see the field in the Biographical Information import template
A) The field should be configured as - visibility="view". It must not be set to Editable.

Q) Can I use the UUID field in Business Rules?
A) Though it is currently available in the Rule Engine for the Person Information element, we do not recommend using it in rules. Please do not use create Business Rules that use or reference this field

Q) Can I change the UUID for a user
A) No - its immutable and used by the system - this value is not expected to be customizable/manipulatable


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