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2392253 - How To Modify Employee User ID


When an employee is hired into Successfactors system, an unique User ID is created and assigned to that employee.

The business requirement is to modify the User ID assigned to an already active employee.

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SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central: Employee information


Successfactors EC uses User ID / legal entity as primary keys in most of its database.

So all the data maintained in the system is linked to these IDs. We cannot change/modify the User ID in edit mode as we do for most other data.


This is unique number in the system for a user and can’t be changed. Once this value has been used, it can’t be reused. Its sole purpose is to be the unique identifier for the person's employment in the system and is mapped from the Person ID for Employee Central customers.

  • If a concurrent employment is added to the employee, then the system automatically assigns another username and user ID to the employee.
  • This can be used for single sign-on (SSO) but it is not recommended.

If you would like to have the employee with different User ID then it is recommended you take a dump/bakup of employee data, i.e. all personal, job info and others and terminate previous ID as seen here:2317955

Follow order below and 2545988 - How to Purge/Delete users in SuccessFactors

Step 1: Run a report as seen here: 2317955

Step 2:Terminate User Via: MSS - UI or Take action - terminate

Step 3: Soft: Purge

  1. Navigate to Admin Tools -> Data Retention Management ->  Create New Purge Request
  2. Select Purge Inactive User
  3. Upload a list of users (by User ID or Assignment ID). 

Step 4:  3058601 - How To Check Soft or Permanent Purge User

Step 5: 2392076 - User Permanent or Hard Purge feature  (2749427 - Unable To Permanently Purge user after a Soft Purge)

User Permanent Purge

  • To permanently purge user follow:
    1. Navigate to Admin Center > Data Retention Management > System Identifier Purge.
    2. Purge inactive users listed in a CSV file
    3. Use: user ID or assignment ID in a CSV fil

Hire with desired User ID (you can do hire via import too) and add backed up data from 2317955  to create the employee data again.

This would be similar as if we are adding another user but will have all the data same as old one. This is the only safe and recommended way this requirement could be achieved.

FAQ - Additional Information

Q) Where can I get information on this from the Guide?

A) Guide: Implementing and Managing the Employment Lifecycle (from Hiring to Termination)

Chapter: Differentiating Between Person ID, User ID, and User Name in Employee Central

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