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2393657 - Updating Custom Reports to Return Person ID External/External ID


  • Since the 1611 release, admin and User out-of-box CSV report outputs will contain the User External ID instead of the Stud ID field under the header “User ID”. This should have no impact on the output of the report, just which field the data is sourced from.

  • This Document contains the information for the customer to update custom report to return external id.


SAP SuccessFactors Learning


When you return student ID: The student ID identifies a user uniquely within SAP SuccessFactors Learning, but cannot uniquely identify a user outside of SAP SuccessFactors Learning. When you return PERSON_ID_EXTERNAL, instead of the SAP SuccessFactors Learning student ID, you are able to match one single user across the suite.


If you run custom reports from the SAP SuccessFactors Learning BIRT-based, custom reporting tool (PRD), it is possible to return more than one ID for users:

  • Student ID: The student ID identifies a user uniquely within SAP SuccessFactors Learning, but cannot uniquely identify a user outside of SAP SuccessFactors Learning.
  • Person GUID: The person GUID identifies a user uniquely and is immutable. Most users do not know the ID and most administrators would not be able to read it. Even if you could understand it, it is intended to be read by the software and not by people.
  • Person ID External: The person ID external identifies a user uniquely and is mutable. Most users and administrators recognize and can understand the value in Person ID External. You can think of Person ID External as the "Suite ID" of the user, so we recommend that you return it in your reports.


  1. Open the report's .rptdesign file in Plateau Report Designer (PRD) >
  2. Determine the field in your report has the student ID needs to be switched to person ID external. Although you could have named these fields anything when you created them, common names include: [USER_ID], [STUDENT_ID], and [STUD_ID] >
  3. Select the field >
  4. Hover your mouse over the table tab and then click the label (table name) that appears. When you click the label, the property editor for the table opens >
  5. In the table property editor, click the Binding tab >
  6. In Data Set, select the values in the list and determine which data set is returning the student ID >
  7. In the Outline view, double-click the data set that has student ID >
  8. Analyze the query's SELECT clause to find the STUD_ID selection. For example, you might find a line like PS.STUD_ID as STUD_ID >
  9. Edit the query to select PERSON_ID_EXTERNAL from the same table. For example, PS.PERSON_ID_EXTERNAL as STUD_ID. ** Caution - If you change the alias of the column without changing the data binding, the report throws errors. Additionally, your report might include javascript that uses the alias. Please carefully analyze the report before changing the alias. If you think you need to change the alias, make sure that you add the new alias to table binding and remove the unused one.** >
  10. Save, compress, and import the new definition of the report.

Next Step:

  • Check to make sure that you are forcing any scheduled report jobs to get the latest definition.

*** The source of information of this KBA Document is Q4 2016 Realease information document

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